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Return to Paradise! Sam Sparro is on the way back. I can hardly wait for his new album “Return To Paradise” which is coming out this spring. Mister Sparro is well know for his disco, dance music. He knows how to mix 70s, 80s and 90s. We all know his big hit “Black&Gold”. BUT !! This is just one of his great tracks. HE IS SO MUCH MORE! Welcome back Sam Sparro.

KALTBLUT: Hey Sam! How are you these days? How was the Paris Fashion Week for you?

SAM: I’m really well thank you. I had such a blast in Paris. It’s always nice to be around other types of artists and see what they are creating.

KALTBLUT: What is Sam Sparro doing in his free time?

SAM: I have two dogs that I love going to the park with. I recently got a 3D television so I like watching movies a lot and having people over.


KALTBLUT: Since when are you doing music? You always wanted to be a singer?

SAM: I started singing when I was really young. Around 4 or 5 I think. I used to want to be an actor but my grandmother talked me out of it because she was an actress. But as long as I can remember I’ve loved music and can’t imagine doing anything else.


KALTBLUT: Your new album “ Return To Paradise” is on the way. Tell us something about your new music and why the name : Return To Paradise?

SAM: Paradise is a timeless place where everyone lives in harmony and peace. I spent a lot of time searching for this place inside myself and that’s what the record is about… Healing a broken heart and finding peace. It’s also a reference to the Paradise Garage which influenced many of the songs on the record.

KALTBLUT: Your have worked more than 2 years on the album. Where did you record it?

SAM: I recorded most of it in Los Angeles but some of it was recorded in London and New York as well.

KALTBLUT: Did you wrote the songs by yourself? Who is the producer?

SAM: I wrote a couple of the songs by myself but most of them were a collaboration with my production partner Golden Touch aka Jesse Rogg. I also worked with Greg Kurstin, Tim Anderson, Lester Mendez and Jono Sloan and wrote a bit with Swedish singer Erik Hassle and Bethany from Best Coast. There are so many other brilliant musicians playing on the record. It really is a collaborative project that I am fortunate to be at the front of.

KALTBLUT: Which track is your favourite?

SAM: One of my favourites is a song called “We Could Fly”. I got to record the horns at the DFA studios in New York and recorded live strings, drums, piano. Stuart Zender (Jamiroqui) played bass on it. It’s sort of a disco fantasy of mine. It’s lush and really musical. I think my grandfather who was an arranger and trumpet player would be proud of me.

The Shallow End

KALTBLUT: I am a fan of your music videos also. When will be the first video published for the new album?

SAM: I am so excited about the video’s for this record. I’ve just done the first two treatments. I’m really inspired by Film Noir and Busby Berkeley. There will be a few out in the coming months.

KALTBLUT: Will you be on tour in 2012? Where can we see you on stage?

SAM: I just announce my first US tour and will be playing all over the place this summer and later in the year. Too early to announce yet but I’ll post them on as soon as I can.

I try to follow my instincts

KALTBLUT: “Black & Gold “ was a big hit all around the world. Are you nervous or do you feel presure to comeback with another big hit?

SAM: It’s great to have a hit and who wouldn’t want another but when I wrote Black and Gold I was not trying to write a “hit”. I try to follow my instincts and create what I feel. The rest takes care of itself.

KALTBLUT: Is there any musican you would kill for, to work with?

SAM: Well… kill is a bit strong. I do love Beyonce. She is such an incredible performer. Working with Prince would also be a dream come true. Why? HE’S PRINCE!

KALTBLUT: Which music is on your ipod right now?

SAM: I listen to Beats In Space podcasts while I’m at the gym. I listen to lots of old disco, funk and soul. I love the last Little Dragon album, Thundercat, KING, Tiger & Woods. I buy a lot of old records. I do enjoy a good Robyn or Rihanna track on the radio too.

KALTBLUT: We wish you all the best for your new album! And i hope to see you live in Berlin!

SAM: Thank you! I look forward to coming back to Berlin soon. I love Berlin!

Interview by Marcel Schlutt


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