‘Sancta Paraphilia’ – Homoerotic Orthodox Wall Calendar 2016

Of priests, c*cks and acceptance of all desires: Sancta Paraphilia. Father Vitaly Milonov, an Eastern European Orthodox priest, travels to the West, eager to explore the diversity of desires described by Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill as evil perversions. To Father Vitaly, words like homosexuality or paraphilia are neither dirty nor at odds with his religion.
OC2016 Classic Version

He sets out to remind the world that, in this broader struggle between the Orthodox region and the West, Patriarch Kirill and his golden triangle Kremlin friends are the true source of evil. They have seized upon the short-term goal of exploiting homophobia and are warning people not to succumb to western perversions in order to subject the Orthodox countries to the Kremlin’s sinking ship.
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The fourth series of the Orthodox Calendar is called “Sancta Paraphilia” and pays tribute to Desires and Acceptance.  “Sancta Paraphilia” demonstrates, in an uninhibited series of 30 pictures, that desires and temptations do not know gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, opinion or beliefs, ability, age or any other status and certainly not borders. They are simply an alternative to the official, ideological norm.
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The price for the classic wall calendar is €18.99; the explicit version is €34.95, Holy Edition is €59.99 and the “Making Of” DVD at €16.99

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