Say hello to the Vype Pebble! Featuring PERLENSÄUE

#AllIWant4Xmas – Berlin based jewelry brand PERLENSÄUE teamed up with Vype e-cigarettes to create a 3 piece accessories line for Vypes´new vaping product, Pebble! The line comes around in PERLENSÄUE´s typical style. For vegan lovers and also as a recycled leather item. Vype Pebble. The small and mighty vaping device is available in 6 different flavours and varying nicotine strengths. To get a pice of the limited mini-collection contact PERLENSÄUE over their webpage


Our investment in the science of vapour is world-leading and we have drawn upon BAT’s 100+ years’ experience of satisfying smokers. This combination enables us to create vape experiences that are uniquely satisfying. We’ve used our expertise to craft an e-cigarette designed to deliver satisfaction from start to finish.

  • VYPE

Our handmade designs from different high class materials,
are building a bridge between fashion, fetish and future.


If you still need a xmas gift for your smoking friends.. jump over to Vype´s webpage
and pick your Vype device.





Instagram: @perlensaeue


Photos by Benjamin Glanz and Marcel Schlutt

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