Scott Hunter!

A little out of the ordinary.

Scott Hunter is an analog photographer from Scotland. His artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. In his work he engages subjects as diverse as multiculturalism, anti-racism, graffiti/street artists and indie/rock music.The majority of his work focuses on colour with Warhol, Picasso and Matisse being hugely inspirational.

KALTBLUT: What do you think makes analog photography different from digital?

Scott: Analog photography has a soul that will never be replicated. Analog is solely about recording light as the word “photo/foto” would suggest. I’m not sure that digital can be called photography for that reason although it still has its place, particularly in the field of photojournalism where you may need to email files instantly to the other side of the world. I suppose digital is more like image making. I still find digital very harsh even with the recent advancement of digital SLR’s. I only really use my digital camera for test shots or situations when i have limited time and must get something.

KALTBLUT: What do you love about light leaks?

Scott: I guess it’s the sporadic nature of them. That’s the beauty of film, you learn to take the rough with the smooth. Light leaks can create some really interesting abstract images, almost ethereal at times due to the over exposure. Some of the old Polaroid cameras I shoot with leak light which, on occasion, have actually enhanced the image.They allow even the most simple of snapshots a certain uniqueness.

KALTBLUT: How come you got interested in photography?

Scott: It really just started off as a documentation of my travels. Having worked in a variety of creative arts projects I had met a lot of very interesting and talented people (street artists, musicians etc.) so I started photographing them and their environments as a diary really. I have never been the tourist type.  I like to venture down the dingy alleyways and find out the real character of a city, not the contrived city that is put on for tourists.  People just seemed to like my approach to photography as I strayed from the norm and I guess it all  evolved from there really.  Now I try to explore the art of photography.

KALTBLUT: Would you say you are interested in photographing things other people might not think of? (eg urinals) Where do you think all this comes from?

Scott: Yeah, but it’s not contrived to be so.  People often comment that my photography is either “different ” or “interesting” so I guess I must be a little out of the ordinary. I just try to be sincere as I can.  Every photo I take has a little piece of me attached to it.  Some people photograph fruit but i don’t eat fruit so i don’t photograph it.  For me, photographing a public urinal is not that unusual as I do piss daily.  There is also a certain poetry attached to these public urban spaces. The dried up piss stains on the tiles have a beauty and energy remnant of a Jackson Pollock piece.  Not so long ago I caught two police officers snorting coke in a public toilet. These spaces often make me wonder what the walls would tell me if they could speak.  Public toilets have a very interesting history

Interview by Emma E. K. Jones

Scott on Flickr

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