Siciliano Contemporary Ballet presents VIOLE SOMEWHERE at Pfefferberg Theater Berlin

Berlin! Save the date for VIOLE SOMEWHERE – Freely inspired by Alice in Wonderland. June 29th and June 30th by Siciliano Contemporary Ballet at Pfefferberg Theater Berlin. Tickets 17,50€ / 10,00€ – A cloud comes from high above, a scent of cinnamon, ginger and vanilla. Mist dissipates revealing a tiny luscious figure, Viole becomes flesh. It might be dazzling, a treasure full of delight. It’s a ripe fruit that everybody would like to take. She is glorious and naïve, untouched like an archetype. Facebook Event

Like a glowing rose she descends into hell, she sees demons enchanted in an everlasting loop, crystallized and beautiful.

What lies underneath? What a wondrous spell to cast! The tiles of the mosaic of the immense and eternal beauty that repeats itself over the centuries are there for her to be found, they are buried deep into the hearts of the demons, they are secrets that want to know the world, closed inside a chest and pushing from the inside.

No truth can be hidden to her blue watery eyes, taking her chance as she snaps her fingers. She jumps in a whirlpool without getting wet, a tornado that doesn’t mess up her hair or style. Where will it take her? Her purity and grace shine through and allow no judge to be around, no haughty or supreme court to bring the moral back, just straight, immaculate experience. This is the only sure way to get there, to reveal the catalyst and the engine that makes everything move and live.

She will then be ready to knock at the huge ice gate, the Golden Fish will steadily swirl around to reveal the mighty guardian.

A slow look to the side. A revelation. A mirror.

Salvatore Siciliano



Siciliano Contemporary Ballet

Berit Einemo Frøysland – The White Rabbit
Marika Giannoccari – The White Queen
Thomas Lockoponia – The Queen of Hearts
Rachel Tack – Viole
Davide Troiani – The Mad Hatter
Marie Zechiel – The Cheshire Cat


June 29th at 20:00 h
June 30th at 20:00 h

Pfefferberg Theater
Schönhauser Allee 176 / Haus 15, 10119 Berlin

17,50€ / 10,00€

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