Fashion Film Premiere! SOPOPULAR A/W 14-15 X. A film by Tatjana Meirelles. Produced by Jack Alexandre. Models are Lukas Krasa, Max Mondo, Lenny Müller. Styling by Vanessa Dansette.



What does SOPOPULAR as a label mean to you and how would you define your style?

 SOPOPULAR is the implementation of my own style, which was mainly formed by the two most important stations of my life, Berlin and London and so still is. The fashion of SOPOPULAR is the melting of both the cities: London is the cocky and cool part and always first in trends – be it in fashion, music, art, architecture, andsoon. Berlin is the rough side, edged and shaped. Basically i want to establish SOPOPULAR in an international setting but would always like to represent Berlin. In my opinion there are only a few good fashionlabels of men’s wear in Germany, which can be a factor front and center on an international level. It’s exactly what i want to change. SOPOPULAR stands for a minimal and a pragmatic style in men’s fashion. It leaves classic models and slim silhouette-lines with shaped streetwear-elements and futuristic details in design. I do not want to reinvent the wheel but i want to help it run better with SOPOPULAR. High-quality material, work and optimal fit – this mixture makes SOPOPULAR a solide collection for men with classic ideals and an individual style. SOPOPULAR should become a counter-pole to the fast-paced developments in fashion, to create classics that can carry a certain idea of living and images.

What made you start your new collection? Trends, colours, fabrics, people, music, social events?

DANIEL BLECHMAN: Everything in my life inspires me and activates ideas and aspiration – friends, family, music, a good movie, a good book about art or a musicvideo. In general it’s the living in Berlin and the people in this city. I’m being inspired and influenced also by material, patterns and colours, even if the range of colours at SOPOPULAR is very discreet.


Do you feel at home in Berlin as a designer?

DANIEL BLECHMAN: I do really love Berlin. Berlin is my home. As a fashiondesigner i am not so sure about that. There are many advantages, but certain disadvantages on the other hand. Berlin stands for this permanent departure, which is complimented all over the world. It stands for the creative people of fashion, art and music and all their contribution of ideas. I am using this creative energy and as well i am contributing, so the creative development of Berlin can grow. But i think that within the fashion-industry Berlin does not play a big role until now. But i can see the huge options to change that. It is amazing to see and to experience how Berlin constantely develops, although it is sometimes very hard for us as creatives to make a living in “periods of drought”.

What made you create fashion for men?

DANIEL BLECHMAN: At first i wanted to create fashion for my friends and myself, later the idea of the label SOPOPULAR came up. I stand behind every single piece of the collection of SOPOPULAR, it is a self-fulfilment of my own style. So i hope “the masses” want to share and live that style, too.

In which countries and stores I can get SOPOPULAR collections?

DANIEL BLECHMAN: Essentially you can get in Germany, but then in Great Britain, France, in the Netherlands, in Switzerland and Austria, also in Italy, Hong-Kong and South Corea. At the moment we keep concentrating on the german market, also the one in Austria, Switzerland and in Great Britain. Of course it is our very aim, to bring SOPOPULAR collections to the peole worldwide.


Credits and Contacts:

SOPOPULAR A/W 14-15 X / / @Facebook
A filmy by Tatjana Meirelles

Produced by Jack Alexandre LinkedIn
Models are Lukas Krasa, Max Mondo, Lenny Müller
Styling by Vanessa Dansette
Camera Assistant Ilja Lochmann
Animals and Handlers: Broken Arrow & Suzelle Barendse, Merlin & Kuschke Jacobs
SOPOPULAR Head of Design: Daniel Blechmann
SOPOPULAR Team: Carolina Abalos, Ninia Geschl, Tanja Sonntag, Tina Reiter
Special Thanks to: Tobias Pfab & Sebastian Retz, IZAIO Management, Core Artist Management, Doc Martins, Marcel Schlutt
Gear Supplied by Pille Film, Berlin
Grade: Nico Hauter, Arri Film & TV
Soundtrack by Daniel Gray, Gray Matter Studios
Locations: Heilstätte Grabowsee – Berlin, Eagle Encounters – Spier, Journey´s End – Somerset West

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