Hi everyone, we are always happy to receive new submissions for the Magazine and for the webpage. To make it easier for everyone,  here is the guideline for any submissions. Please, notice that all the submissions that won’t respect these guidelines won’t be examnined.

For the webpage:

 Always send your story as a small PDF – no need to send us 20Mb for a first view! No single photos!!! If you do not follow the guideline we can not accept your submission! Please no big size single pictures!! We will contact you if we wanna show your work. Please contact the right editor for your submissions. We will not forward your mails to the team.

For fashion editorials:  An editorial must have at least 6 looks and 10 pictures!!

If we accept your submissions please follow the guideline! It will be send to you per mail.


Marcel Schlutt * Editor in chief


Nicolas Simoneau * Art Director

Emma E K Jones * Photography Editor

Amanda M Jansson * Art Editor


For all music submissions, please send a recent press release/blurb with relevant links to a digital stream, video or track, or use the SubmitHub link below – Do not send downloadable files.

Nicola Phillips * Music Editor


Friedericke Suckert