The Coup!

“Sorry To Bother You”

The revolutionary U.S. musician collective The Coup will release their new album ‘Sorry To Bother You’ – 30 October 2012 at Anti-Records.  It is your chance to see The Coup live on stage – 31 October in Berlin Club Cassiopeia. Plus Europe + North America tour 2012

KALTBLUT gives away 1×2 tickets for the concert in Berlin! Send an email to events@kaltblut-magazine.com The Coup!

Sorry To Bother You, the daring work of a visionary endeavored band. The songs combine danceable beats, punk rhythms and political comments in hip-hop style and form it into a refreshingly unique sound. A sound that is reminiscent of the past, but it absolutely looks to the future. “I think our albums are always different than what brings the music market at the same time,” says Riley. “I think people listen to our music because they do not hear when it was produced. Therefore, our audience is constantly expanding. ”

“The Magic Clap” by The Coup from the new album ‘Sorry To Bother You,’ out October 30th!

Pre-order The Coup’s new album “Sorry To Bother You” while helping them get a tour bus at the same time by going here: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1909248105/a-tour-bus-for-the-coup

Sorry To Bother You is the long-awaited successor to the album Pick A Better Weapon, which was acclaimed by the critics.

What? Where? When?

The Coup – Live in Berlin

October 30th 2012

at Club Cassiopeia. KALTBLUT gives away 1×2 tickets for the concert! Send an email to
events@kaltblut-magazine.com The Coup!

On the song “The Gods of Science” a pulsating funk beat accompanied Rileys sophisticated wordplay. “You Are Not A Riot (A Response to Andy Warhol by David Siqueiros)” explores the controversial meeting of the radical Mexican moralists David Siqueiros and the famous pop art artist Andy Warhol. The scene is accompanied by a frenetic blast of futuristic New Wave.

The Album: “Sorry to bother you” will be out soon and you should get it!! The advance sale of tickets for the concert in Berlin on 31 October 2012 in the Cassiopeia starts now. Opener is KEV CHOICE, former Music Director of Lauryn Hill, who accompanied himself on the piano. The Coup are: Boots Riley: Lyrics, Vocals, Production, Handclaps, Dancin and Keyboard tweeks. Pam The Funkstress: Scratches and PoplockingSilk-E: Vocals and gettin her muthafuckin gig on. B’nai Rebelfront: Guitar and general dis-satisfaction. J.J. Jungle: Bass, Backflips, and Spins.
Hassan Hurd: Drums and footballLJ: Organ and other keys.

Europe Tour

The Coup will tour Europe this fall to promote the new album, “Sorry To Bother You” www.facebook.com/events/353028611449058/

October 16: Nancy at Jazz Pulsations
October 17: Dijon at La Peniche Cancale
October 18 Lyon at Le Periscope
October 19 Ivry at Le Hangar
October 20 Rennes at L’Ubu

October 23 Saint-Ouen (Paris) at Mains-D’Oeuvres
October 25 Brussels
October 27 Bristol at Trinity
October 28 OPEN (Maybe Brighton)
October 29 London at Goldsmiths (The Stretch)
October 30 Amsterdam at Melkweg
October 31 Berlin at Cassiopeia
November 2 Bern at Dachstock
November 3 Helsinki at Nosturi
November 5 Munich at Feierwerk
November 6 Nuremburg at Desi
November 7 Linz at Kapu
November 8 Torino
November 9 Milano at Cox 18
November 10 Roma
For North America click here: www.facebook.com/events/441955299189101/







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