There is a new Army in town: Blogfabrik

Photo by: Christoph Neumann

Berlin! Last week Germany’s  first  co-working  space – BLOGFABRIK – has  opened  in  Kreuzberg.  It  allows  bloggers,  Instagramers,  videographers and photographers to pay for a desk with content. That  will  result  in  the  unification  of  digital  knowledge  from  a  number  of  areas  to  create  an  innovative  centre  of  competence  for  the  development and distribution of digital content. The  content  to  be  distributed:  along  with  the  co-working  space,  BLOGFABRIK has launched a new online magazine, which will publish  the  text,  photos  and  films  produced  in  the  space  in  lieu  of  rent:  the  DAILY BREAD MAG. What a great idea!! Welcome to Berlin. Welcome BLOGFABRIK. 


Photo by: Christoph Neumann

BLOGFABRIK  – which encompasses the  DAILY BREAD MAG  as well  as  the  KIOSK   agency  – was  created  by  the  Munich-based  TRUNK  Group,  which  provides  services  in  the  fields  of  media  distribution,  content  creation,  logistics  and  aviation.  For  TRUNK  the  launch  is  an  innovative  step  towards  a  new  economy.


Photo by: Christoph Neumann


Photo by: Christoph Neumann

It  is  the  first  time  the  70- year  old  German  company  has  made  a  sustainable  long-term  investment  in  in  the  blogging  generation  as  a  serious  new  professional group.   And the group of companies wants to invest in a targeted manner. It  wants  to  learn  more  about  the  online  future  of  work  and  publishing  from young micro entrepreneurs.

“The ability to produce interesting,  authentic online content is becoming increasingly  important  to  companies,” says TRUNK’s CEO Dr Holger Bingmann.  “We want to play  an active role in those developments.”


Photo by: Christoph Neumann

The  concept  was  developed by TRUNK in cooperation with the Berlin creative network  Artconnect . .  In  addition  to  a  fixed  workstation,  the  win-win  arrangement  between  the content creators working at BLOGFABRIK and TRUNK is further  reinforced by the opportunity to work in a diverse shared space where  Blogfabrik GmbH & Co. KG  Oranienstraße 185  10999 Berlin bloggers  can  live  and  professionalise  their  creative  pursuits.  Among  other things, the digital experts will have access to a photo studio and  video  editing  suite,  and  profit  from  legal  and  tax  advice.  Public  workshops,  readings  and  further  networking  events  in  the  adjoining  event  space  will  also  allow  BLOGFABRIK   to  become  an  interesting  location for public discussion.

Opening event. Photos by Nils Krueger

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