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Thomas Devaux!


Thomas Devaux is a true artist. Born in 1980, he lives and works in Paris. His work is just WOW. There are no borders between illustration, fashion photography. The book : “Attrition” by Thomas Devaux  available in the art Museum “Centre Pompidou Paris”, “Jeu de Paume”! An artist I love!

“Really Impressive”  Joel-Peter Witkin (April 2012)

“Incredible universe suach as that of Thomas Devaux”  David Hamilton (october 2011)

“Very interesting technique, your image are so poetic”  Erwin Olaf (January 2011)

Anne Biroleau-Lemagny, General Curator Charge of Contemporary 21st Century:FRENCH NATIONAL LIBRAIRY says about Thomas Devaux:

“Thomas Devaux has authored several complex and ambitious series. In each of them one can find a subtle but strong game of jousting played out between his core values and the evolutions brought about by modern technology. The inflammatory value behind the photography is not so innate. It is more a direct effort meant to mirror a fragment of a future re-composition.

The works in the “ATTRITION” series were selected according to their composition and their figurative will. This is a double articulation between what is borrowed and that which is a reinterpretation on one hand and an axe in art history on the other hand. “ATTRITION”, thanks to the expanded possibilities of digital techniques of which I have become very experienced, shows a n affluence of forms and materials such as an organic proliferation of hair, of body parts, etc. The portrait becomes a division of a face created by itself or vanishes in its own contour. The development material, though shadowy and opaque, is light and see-through. It raises the texture of the paper which allows for an automatic refinement of the forms and pigments. The final result is both sensual and onirique in the in the very image of the models that Devaux photographs in the backstages of fashion shows. They allow him to grasp the pictorial qualities which remain anchored in this field of photography. His surface does not rely upon the thickness of painting materials but rather on an artificial yet original vocabulary which is personal and photographic.”



- WINNER of the “BOURSE DU TALENT Mode 2011organised by Photographie.com, in partnership with “L’Express, Nikon, La BNF et Picto”.



- SLICK (Contemporary Art Fair in Paris, Off FIAC) from October 17th till 21th October 2012

- LILLE ARTFAIR (Contemporary Art Fair in Lille) from April 12th till 15th April 2012.

- SOLO EXHIBITION from December 6th 2011 till January 3th 2012 : Silencio Paris (David Lynch).

- PRESS: EYEMAZING (Holland) (Fall 2011), AZART (Fall & Winter 2011), SHOTS magazine (USA) (summer 2012), L’Express “Style” (September & December 2011), VOGUE (Germany), KHUBE (France), DAHSE (USA), ROOMS (UK), Le BONBON, Le FIGARO Magazine (January 2012), PRISM Magazine (Irish)+ FRANCE 3 (TV (January 2012).

- SOLO EXHIBITION from September 22th 2011 till November 20th 2011 : Gallery Gabriel & Gabriel (Paris ).

- CUTLOG (Contemporary Art Fair in Paris, Off FIAC) from October 20th till 23th October 2011.

- NOMINATED for the “Prix Art Contemporain 2011″ ARTE.

- NOMINATED for the “Coup de coeur Photo” 2011 by L’Express Style.

- PROJECT “24H Paris Photo” Showing at the “Photo Off Fair” ( November 2011).

- COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION (BNF: French National Librairy): from December 15th till 19th February 2012.

- BOOK: ATTRITION by Thomas Devaux ///// (ISBN : 978-2-7466-3721-4) ///// (Available in Bookstore: CENTRE POMPIDOU, ARTCURIAL, JEU DE PAUME, BNF, Artazart, Silencio (Club David Lynch), Ofr, La Photolibrairie, L’écume des pages, Mk2 quai de seine, Eyrolles, Gallery Gabriel & Gabriel).




All of the photographs on this site are protected under the Copyright
© All rights reserved copyright THOMAS DEVAUX 2011

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