Ticket Giveaway: SoundLab 2016 – Retrospective 02

“Jungle Studio“ is a tiny eco-resort, about an hour away from Kuala Lumpur, where 15 musicians from Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand & Germany went on an inter-cultural journey and made new friends & beats. In a matter of days, in all types of collaborative configuration, the crew produced over 20 songs. Most of them hybrid Analog-Electronica, inflected by all types of sub-genres. At RETROSPECTIVE 02 you are invited to celebrate the album release & exclusive premiere of the documentary by Lisanne Schulze with a killer line-up of SoundLab artists & friends. To win tickets to the event, just email nphillips@kaltblut-magazine.de and say why you’d most like to attend!

– KʌLʌ (BorderMovement Residency / Noland Rec, Jaipur / India)
– CEE (Bass Sekolah / Detour Asia, Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia)
– Menimal (Male / Maldives)
– Born In Flamez (U n R e a L, Berlin)
– Perera Elsewhere (FoF Music, Berlin)
– Sick Girls (BBE / Violent Turd, Berlin)
– Kumasi Nights (Qumasiquamé & NGHT DRPS, Through My Speakers, Berlin)
– Shepherd (PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin)

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Here’s what Born In Flamez had to say about his experiences with SoundLab
“10 musicians from the South Eastern Asian region, including New Zealand, Australian and one from Germany, me, got together in the Malaysian jungle for ten days. We created all kinds of different and beautiful sounds that came together in three improvised studio set ups in many different ways. It was a musical/cultural/personal exchange in a unique location which was mind altering to all participants.

IMG_0331-1_8x12_LisanneSchulze edit

It was beautiful, challenging at times, confusing, mind blowing and chaotic. I think most of us really left their egos and personal agendas at the entrance to the jungle, like the Orang Asli leave their shoes outside, before they enter it. We all tried to create something together, something which we wouldn’t have made otherwise – rather than each of us trying to work on their individual projects. Jorge (Similar Objects) was one of the best examples. He would sit in one of the studios or outside and ask different people if they felt like collaborating today and he ended up making maybe 20 different sketches with all the different musicians. Vanessa (Vandetta) also jumped from studio to studio, adding layers here and there; writing top-lines, jamming, improvising with her gorgeous skills. Some people hadn’t ever worked with computer based software, like Ableton, so they spent some time checking out the software and finding out what new things they could create with it. Some people like Nguyen, who writes all his own software, collaborated with other musicians for the very first time.


There is no place called South East Asia. All the different countries had very, very different scenes, I think. Myanmar for example has less access to Western and electronic music in general. Vietnam has a local experimental noise scene made up of only a few people, while other electronic music like EDM is exploding big time. Singapore has a very rich and diverse scene and the Philippines being all about Future RnB. Some people like Najwa, who studied at theBerkeley music school, combine their country´s (Malaysian) traditional sounds with electronic music and RnB, and add a local twist. But for example, Dea´s (Indonesia) Space disco funk sound is universal. He actually lived in Berlin for a few years prior to being an electronic music artist in Indonesia. Darko from Myanmar who makes a very musical type of punk/rock with his band does of course address his countries crazy politics in his lyrics, so I guess that would be another local twist, but not a general one.

The night will start with experimental noise from KALA from Pakistan, followed by a performance by Menimal from the Maldives, a live concert by myself – going from noise to bassy experimental club tracks. This will be followed by DJ sets by Perera Elsewhere, Kepler, Cee, NGHT DRPS, Qumasiquamé and Shepherd – delivering pumping UK bass/grime/dubstep/technoir and other forms of heavy global dance music. All kinds of local twists and experiments will be blended with a hell of a lot of bass, sweat and energy.”

21:30 Doors open
22:00 Screening of the SoundLab Documentary by Lisanne Schulze
23:00 Album release party

What? SoundLab 2016 – Retrospective 02
When? 4th June, 9.30pm
Where? Urban Spree, Berlin
Ticket at the door: 10€
All photography by Lisanne Schulze

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