Track Premiere: Hypercolor – ‘Luv The Way’

Brooklyn-based producer duo Hypercolor present their latest single, ‘Luv The Way’, featuring up-and-coming vocalist Myca. Producers Matt Young and Grant Wheeler have no shortage of musical outfits. As the purveyors of acts like Body Language, Vacationer, and Xan Young, their creative spectrum seems limited only by the sands in the hourglass. Enter Hypercolor. Woven from a sugar rush of bright synths, slinking sub basses and sparkling percussion, the duo holds a prism up to constellations of electronic marimbas and xylophones sending sound skittering against the warmest backdrop. 

We set out to make a track that gave you a feeling of extreme emotion boiling up inside of you – the kind of emotion that makes your hair stand up and your head feel light as a feather.

Their vocalist-du-jour, always in the foreground, delivers tales of many things both lofty and humble: love and longing, anthropomorphism, or emerging from the primordial cauldrons of life-creating ooze. With upcoming vocalist features from the likes of Che Ecru, Diddy’s protege D∆WN and indie phenom Vacationer, they add fresh vision to an already colourful and eccentric spin on dance music in a similar vein to Mura Masa, Louis Futon and Flume.


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