Leather Shoulder Piece by Una Burke Body suit by Baxter

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photography, styling, hair and makeup by Sammy Baxter. Model is Ingrid Linthwaite. Graphics by Patrick Willem. Fashion by Una Burke, H&M, Baxter, Jolanta Pilinkaite, Simonetta Alejandra amongst others. 

Spacer mesh gilet by Rebecca Kellett

Clear headpiece by Maria Curcic
Neck clear piece by Baxter

Spacer mesh structured jumper by Rebecca Kellett
Samosa rucksack by Chloe Henris

Multi layered dress by Elisa Heinesen




Sculptural footwear by Simonetta Alejandra

Leather Shoulder Piece by Una Burke – Clear headpiece & body tubing by Maria Curcic – Clear body top by Baxter – Beige body suit by H&M



Avantgarde gold piece by Jolanta Pilinkaite

Neck clear piece & Clear body suit by Baxter
Crystal ring by H & M

Photography/Styling/Hair & Makeup by Sammy Baxter / / Instagram: @sammybaxterphotographer / Twitter: sammybaxterphotos

Model is Ingrid Linthwaite

Graphics by Patrick Willem/ Instagram: @pat66wde

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