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UMA – EP Drop Your Soul!

Artist Of The Week!

UMA´s EP “Drop Your Soul” is a little surprise. The perfect sound for a quiet big city night. I love the vocals. Call me crazy but i have a 90´s trip hop flash back. I can´t wait for the full album which is planed for early 2013. My favorite track is “Bird” Listen here to the EP and a free single download! UMA I LIKE! And UMA is going on a little tour! Don´t miss it

UMA, are an experimental, electronic pop duo from Berlin. Mixing deep electronic rhythms & bass sounds with haunting and beautiful choir like vocal chants.

Debuting with 5 songs between sound-tinkering avant-garde and soothing catchiness this Berlin based duo (husband & wife) has forged a daring mix of deep electronic rhythms and hauntingly vocal chants. Forming in late 2011 their first EP was recorded in the couple’s idiosyncratic home studio in Berlin using analogue synthesizers/drum machines and digital recording equipment as it aims to sonically and lyrically capture the most elusive everyday moments.

“O child, do not practice austerities!”

The ‘Drop Your Soul’ EP was written in Berlin and Los Angeles and features notable guest musicians such as legendary Silver Apples and Japanese field recording artist Yosi Horikawa.


Tour Dates

31.5.2012 Rhiz, Vienna
08.6.2012 tba/Berlin
01.6.2012 tba/London
02.6.2012 Field Day , London
04.8.2012 tba
20.9.2012 Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg w/Dan Deacon

Recording the EP was quite an intense experience, they recall: “Apart from being married we both have strong personalities with strong views when it comes to creative expression which can be very challenging.”

Download the single here: www.soundcloud.com/seayou/uma-drop-your-soul-feat-silver


Ella grew up in the middle of nowhere, spending her early life studying classical music and singing in choirs. Venturing into bigger cities (Vienna, Berlin) she found herself drawn into a thrive DIY and electronic music scene which she gladly started to explore.

Flo grew up in suburbia and taught himself to play guitar by covering glam rock bands.  The mid 90’s saw him buy a computer, which started a life long obsession with producing and recording music. Their collective influences spanning classical to Throbbing Gristle, by way of Bjork, Laurie Anderson, Bowie, Beck and Animal Collective, to name but a few.

The EP will also be available as 7” via Enraptured Records.  The full EP (CD) will also be available via Seayou Records. Drop Your Soul, will be celebrated with launch parties in Berlin, Vienna and London, dates TBC.  A full album is planned for early 2013.

UMA- Youth your Illusion (A thousand Fuegos Cover)


Digital release: May 4th

CD release EU: May 25th

CD release UK: June 11th





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