ModaLisboa FW17/18 – #Boundless! Lisbon based designer Valentim Quaresma unveiled his new jewellery collection at ModaLisboa. An all black clothing collection, with silver and red jewellery. A trip to the aesthetic references that marked the last century of fashion history. The Victorian era, the 1920s and the Industrial Revolution, Art Deco, Op Art, and the Punk movement reinterpreted in a futuristic imaginary. The search for lost sentiment in the construction of the pieces. Using materials for JEWELS: Upcycling of Victorian jewelry, photography, X-ray sheets, acrylic, onyx, copper, brass and silver – CLOTHING: Woven fabrics, denim, polyester.

Valentim Quaresma expresses creativity through fashion and art. He studied in the School of arts António Arroio and in’s Jewellery department. He worked with Ana Salazar, the pioneer of Portuguese fashion, creating jewellery and accessories for her collections from 1990 to 2010.

In 2008 he wins the prize “Accessories collection of the Year” in the international competition ITS#7 in Trieste – Italy, and starts his own brand.

Since then, Valentim Quaresma has been presenting his own collections internationally in events like Bread and Butter Barcelona, 080 Barcelona Fashion, [moment] in Riga, Fashionclash Maastricht in The Netherlands, Cesis Fashion Art festival in Latvia, Bijorhca in Paris, MoBa13 “Fetishism in Fashion” in Arnhem, and Manupulating Surface – Portuguese Craftmanship in London, just to name a few.

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