Video Exclusive: Robot Koch & Delhia de France

KALTBLUT has a special video exclusive of Robot Koch & Delhia de France – California Dreamin‘! Putting a spin on the original The Mamas And The Papas track, Delhia and Robot Koch create a powerful updated version of this much loved song. Shot and directed by Sven Dreesbach, Delhia invites you to come close and fall into her world. What awaits you there is as touching and enchanting as it is mysterious and pure.

Robot Koch is an award winning one-of-a-kind producer/composer from Berlin. His unique sound of organic electronic music has been called “Wonderful and Strange – pop music from the future” (John Peel) and has been used on various TV shows and films including NBCs “the Blacklist” and Foxs “Rake,” continuing to resonate with a growing audience worldwide. Also a collaborator on the recent Tensnake album, Koch has released several albums and EPs on Labels such as Bpitch Control, Project Mooncircle and toured internationally, playing shows and festivals in the US and all over Europe, Russia and Asia. He won the German Music Composers Award 2014 in the category “best composer electronic music“.

For lovers of electronic dance music Delhia De France might be no unknown: coming out of the musical surroundings of Jena’s finest Freude Am Tanzen Records, she created quite a collaborative oeuvre over the past years having worked with artists like Robag Wruhme, Marlow, Gunne, Douglas Greed and others with her voice as ever-changing and mercurial as the moon she sings, whispers and scratches mainly as the grand diva of German electroband Pentatones. Right before the release of the new Pentatones album, produced by ones of Europe’s finest producers of the beat generation, Robot Koch, Delhia put out her first solo release in May 2014 with Berlin independent label Lebensfreude Rec. Suavium is part of a conceptual work, an audiovisual EP trilogy. With its music and related video performances, it explores questions of ‘How much experimentation does Pop music need and how much Pop does experimental music need’.


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