Video Exclusive: Sally Dige – Your Girl

“Waking reality: reality waking. Are you the dreamer or the dream?”, co-director Daevina Danyluck tells us the meaning behind the latest visual installment from Danish-Canadian artist, Sally Dige. Filmed in both Berlin and Copenhagen, ‘Your Girl’ presents Dige’s super lo-fi, avant-garde signature in all its glory, with the additional help from Johannah Jørgensen’s sleek moves. After a slight binge on 80s music videos one recent Sunday afternoon (most importantly Meatloaf, Celine and Bonnie), I did think to myself, “They just don’t make videos like they used to.. “. I feel like Sally has filled that void. The drama filled music videos, shot in black&white, with dancers and bits of symbolism that you’re not really sure about. I love it. Sally’s album, ‘Hard To Please’, is out now on Night School records, and you can refresh your memory and read our interview with her right here.

Video Concept by: Sally Dige & Johannah Jørgensen
Dancer: Johannah Jørgensen
Filmed & Directed by: Sally Dige & Daevina Danyluck
Edited by: Sally Dige

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