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Let’s go and see this new venue in Paris : The Wanderlust!

She is young, gorgeous, very talented and she lives in Paris. From times to times she takes us around in her world. Thanks to the theicecreameater you’ll get the chance to discover a bit more about Paris through her eyes. 

Paris in August… Summer vacations, no one in the streets of the city of lights. Parisians favorite spots are either closed - lecomptoirgeneral.com - or half empty without any waiting lines such as lecafelapalette.com 
I am one of the August lost girl in city. On a sunny night instead of à Canal Saint Martin gathering, with friends we went to the left bank for a little visit to this new place : the Wanderlust.

Opened in June 2012, the bar/restaurant/ Sunday brunch/club on the river Seine docks next to our French Fashion Institute. Let’s see.

Incredible at our arrival a queue is stirring along the pavement, it seems endless…but moving fast. Once in, looking around all the Parisians are here from the 20′s to the 40′s. Girls are all dolled up meeting bobo friends, guys in suits chilling out. Various Djs are playing keeping the crowd humming and dancing. Two bars are serving wine on this huge terrace and overseeing the River. The environment is friendly.
I have a lovely view : the most beautiful boys and ladies are here.
Maxime a regular of the place is complaining about the crowd change though : “it is getting too famous and m’as-tu vu!”.
Who cares? I don’t, people can’t keep it secret.
Parisians are Parisians, they are dying to speak to each other but not daring; although my tip : I will come back soon to break that adage.

WANDERLUST – 32 quai d’Austerlitz 75013 PARIS

© Thomas Puig


Text by: theicecreameater

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