Weekend Utopia SS15 by Diana Drößler

Photography by Ulrike Rindermann. Model is Nona-Ki. “Weekend Utopia” presents the graduation work of Diana Drößler’s fashion design study at the Fahmoda Hannover. The collection stands for casual-feminine fashion aligned to the independent lifestyle of a multi-faceted woman. The purpose was to create a unique sculptural design by combining architectural lines with 3D-surfaces. Materials with peculiar surface textures, relying on geometric forms and intriguing folding techniques, were predominantly chosen.

Weekend Utopia web-1_mini
Weekend Utopia web-2_mini
Weekend Utopia web-3_mini
Weekend Utopia web-4_mini
Weekend Utopia web-5_mini
Weekend Utopia web-6_mini
Weekend Utopia web-7_mini
Weekend Utopia web-8_mini

To evoke the impression of an easy-going summer, Diana Drößler strived for a combination of pastel colours with special print patterns and light fabrics. A variety of techniques was applied to lend the fabrics a sculptural design. The choice of wood was central in my design. Combining thin veneer sheets with fabric lends the latter a special haptics. Furthermore, it obtains flexible and foldable features by attaching the laser-cut wood in a pattern based on the principles of Origami.


Photography: Ulrike Rindermann ulrikerindermann.com / ulrikesophieimages.tumblr.com / @Facebook
Designer/Stylist: Diana Drößler
Make-up & Hair: Anissa Al-Jay www.facebook.com/anissaaljay.hair.makeup
Model: Nona-Ki

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