10 years of Berlin Music Video Awards – Everything that took place in the 2022 edition

driven by FREENOW

Congratulations to our partner in crime! 10 years of the Berlin Music Video Awards!! What an amazing celebration event!  The 10th anniversary is over and the result was legendary! International music video creators, performers, musicians and other creatives came all the way to Berlin to network, have fun and reward all the great talents of the music video industry. During the 4 days of the festival, visitors had the chance to enjoy full music video screenings, interviews, live shows, workshops, a lot of fashion and after-parties.

June 8th – Day 1

The first day of the festival was really exciting, many international and Berlin-based creatives showed up to enjoy a night full of music video screenings, networking, music performances, good food and drinks. Nominees from the US, Canada, Poland, Ukraine, Brazil and more were there to connect with their fans and be interviewed for the Berlin Music Video Awards. The presented categories were: Best Director, Best Concept, Best Narrative and Best Performer/Act.


Best Director: Gregory Ohrel for the music video: 

Best Concept: Andzej Gavriss for music video

Best Narrative: Douglas R. Bernardt for music video

Nego Bala – “Sonho | Dream” from Douglas Ratzlaff Bernardt on Vimeo.

Best Performer-Actor: MADDIE MILLER for music video

Best Song: APASHE for music video

In between the music video screenings and workshops, there were several live and open-air shows from Ain TheMachine, Ducks!, Sivan Laor, Diana Ezerex & Mondëna Quartet. Sensational Katrin Gajndr was also there to perform Burlesque whereas ÄTNA, Germany’s most exciting newcomers with over 8 million streams of their music, performed at the events after the party.

June 9th – Day 2

On the second day of the Berlin Music Video Awards, the good vibes kept going with all the great talents gathering again to enjoy a night full of music performances, DJ sets and music video screenings.

The presented categories were: Best Animation, Best VFX, Best Art Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Editor

Best Animation: MAXIME GRANGER, BENOÎT DE GEYER D’ORTH for music video

“The Boys From Summer” Sébastien Delage – Julien Hazebroucq from Eddy on Vimeo.

Best VFX: JUICE STUDIO for music video:

Best Cinematography: Polish artist MATEUSZ DZIEKOŃSKI for music video:

Best Art Director: Hamlet TV for music video

Best Editor: Marius Gonzalez and Alexis Benot for music video

Octavian – Sky High from Marius Gonzalez on Vimeo.

The Live Shows of the day included the artists Sedric Perry singing “Unbreakable” as well as Baris Safar and AE.

June 10th – Day 3

On the third day of the Berlin Music Video Awards, the Experimental culture day, the dress code turned fetish and dark. All the guests arrived in interesting clothes and even costumes.

The presented categories were: Best Experimental, Best Low Budget, Most Trashy and Most Bizarre.

Best Experimental: WINSTON HACKING, MICHAEL ENZBRUNNER for music video:

Animal Collective – We Go Back from Winston Hacking on Vimeo.

Best Low Budget: ROTTINGDEAN BAZAAR and ANNIE COLLINGE for music video:

Most Trashy: Director Serge Vane for music video

Most Bizarre: Director Yousef for: 

Live performances were held by the artists: IRYS, BÖSE FUCHS & SLY, Calmdown, Toni&Mash, the Shredder and Outdoor Photo exhibition by Lord Maniac (Raw Art).

Open-air shows by:

Parma Ham, Installation by Louis Fleischauer “Manifestation of the primordial soul II” Living Sculpture and Workshop by Kamasutra Ninja (the art of torture) with Ari Denaro

June 11th – Day 4

On the last day of the festival glam, elegance and fashion were the elements that dominated the stage! The main festivities of the day were the festival’s fashion concept and the award ceremony that would decide the big winners of the categories: Best Production Company and Best Music Video.

Best Production Company: Agile Films

Best Music Video, with a cash prize of 5000 euros: Gregory Ohrel for music video:

Take a look at the full list of all the winners and their music videos here

Indoor live-shows by:
Toya Delazy, RaiNao, Glashus, O/RIOH, Replay M

Open-air: Katinka Sounds of Sado Opera (DJ set)

Fashion Concept:

What we saw at the BMVA Fashion Concept 2022 was by far experimental and rebellious. All the designers brought emotion to the catwalk and powerful looks pulling off a mix of disparate elements and references.

Take a look at the presented designers:

Leonidas Kanavetsados www.instagram.com/leonidas_kanavetsados

Artisanal Fashion and Costume designer Leonidas Kanavetsados creates unique pieces of art such as fashion garments, headpieces and conceptual constructions that have a story to tell. With his “Fearless Soul” collection, his costumes came into life through performance art. Graceful and genderless creatures wearing hand-crafted garments were connected to an extraterrestrial dimension aiming for revolution, evolution, freedom and love. A gallant storey from chaos to order, from darkness to light.
Adding to Leo’s vision the ultra-dimensional bag manufacturer Szymon Bukowski gave birth to three artisanal bags. Leonidas is here to ask: “How fearless are you?”

Minimal Waste Design by Marco Ward www.instagram.com/minimalwaste.design

The brand Minimal Waste was created by the Paris-based Lebanese-Italian designer Marco Ward. Very sensitive to the question of ecology, all of his designs are unisex and exclusively made from non-biodegradable waste materials such as bike tubes and soda cans. The artisanal process used is as carbon neutral as can be; the secondary raw materials are transported by bike, then cleaned, cut, folded, and assembled by hand.
The inspiration behind the collection that was presented at the BMVA Fashion Concept 2022 was three-dimensional structures from molecular architecture and topological mathematics.

Charlie Mintson www.instagram.com/charlie_mintson

Charlie Mintson is a multidisciplinary costume, prosthetics and set designer with a focus on the

creation of vegan, wearable art. Their field of expertise encompasses costume, jewellery, scenography/set design and creative direction. The main inspiration for the designs of the

queer brand is nature, which often creates non-normative forms that are featured by complex shapes, colours, patterns, and behaviours. On the BMVA Catwalk, big flower costumes, face jewellery and bodysuits on models covered in glitter or walking dynamically on super-high heels were presented, delivering bold images.

Flavia Giulia Tomassi www.instagram.com/flaviafg_tomassi

Flavia Giulia Tomassi is an Italian costume Designer with experience in TV shows, theatre and cinema. Her collection “Pretty in Punk” for the BMVA Fashion Concept 2022 is connected with her love for historical costume, the theatre, the baroque and her passion for alternative fashion, punk, industrial, a little decadent but at the same time sexy and glamorous – especially non-gendered and fluid. She brings her version of Marie Antoinette to the present day, an elegant but at the same time eccentric Marie, who is not afraid to expose herself and show to the world who she is. “Be glittery, Freak & Proud of yourself, always!” Flavia says.

Jacq the Rimmel by Jacqueline Pingarrón www.instagram.com/jacqtherimmel

Jacq the Rimmel is a Spanish handcrafted corsetry brand. The collection they premiered at the Berlin Music Video Awards crystallizes the manifesto behind the brand; historic corsetry to banish the role that women have always had in society: locked up, disabled, dispossessed, and to give them the freedom to express their independence, their femininity. The elements that have corseted women and prevented their access to the social and labour world are taken and used by the brand to remind that the weapons of women are beauty, strength and elegance and that with them they can conquer the world.

L.O.M fashion www.instagram.com/l.o.m_fashion

L.O.M is a Brighton and Berlin-based label by Louise O’Mahony, whose much anticipated latest collection was launched in 3 parts in 2021 and 2022. The print and fashion designer takes her inspiration from magical forests and the Berlin club scene. The patterns on the fabrics feature psychedelic re-imaginations of photographs she took of mushrooms on a walk-in Brandenberg forest, and she uses materials that imitate mushroom gills and mycelium. Perfect for the colour-loving festival and party-going crowd, this clothing is designed to enable the wearer to express themselves and feel empowered and unique.