15.04–15.07.2021 Shimmer of a Petal, Now a Moutain Stream by Diana Lynn VanderMeulen

An exhibition presented by Sky Fine Foods

Diana Lynn VanderMeulen investigates mysterious elements of our natural world through the selective vision of magical realism. Remixing techniques and textures, VanderMeulen uses collage, painting, motion graphics, and digital 3D modeling tools to provoke the subconscious and challenge perceptions of reality. Ethereal landscapes are created as effervescent entrances; lifting the viewer into a deeper inner state of mind and prompting a sifting-through of the longings we feel in our day-to-day lives.

The selected works featured in a new exhibition, Shimmer of a Petal, Now a Mountain Stream position a metaphysical journey of varying perspectives within new landscapes. An exploration of 360 space that reveals environments and atmospheres from less traditional angles. Moving video and still images mingle as virtual immersive environments, transcending our sense of presence while exploring inner spaces, delights, and reckonings of imagined landscapes.

The exhibition will be available as a hybrid physical-virtual experience, on the Sky Fine Foods website and instagram page, in our ArtGate VR interactive virtual gallery, and in the windows at 1867 Davenport Rd, Toronto.

VanderMeulen is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto with a BFA from York University. She expertly navigates new digital tools creating both moving and still imagery with highly detailed resolutions. Recent work includes an Augmented-Reality experience titled Swampy GoGo, which extends digital realities from a series of 2D mixed media landscapes. Utilizing new media technology, Diana expands the lifespan and audience of durational immersive installations and location-specific artworks. Alongside a collaborative representation with Sky Fine Foods, VanderMeulen has been involved in many public and DIY ventures. She has shown at The AGO, The Canadian Embassy (Tokyo, Japan), the Gardiner Museum, Nike, and Idea Exchange.


Sky Fine Foods
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Diana Lynn VanderMeulen
Instagram: @dianalynnvdm