1×1 STUDIO Spring/Summer 2021

Perhaps the most exhilarating part of life is the sudden moment one realises what truly matters, great things must be cherished, it is the ultimate commitment. In this Spring Summer 2021 collection, 1×1 Studio pays tribute to what matters to everyone. It can be one’s commitment to life or love, something worth preserving; something that is timeless and beyond.

The pursuit of sustainability and aesthetics simultaneously sans compromise has paved the foundation of 1×1 Studio. Change requires commitment, with this in mind, 1×1 Studio strives to show how much we care about the environment, as Sartre said: “Commitment is an act, not a word.” For Spring Summer 2021, Creative Director Yi-Ling Kuo acted upon her true self bringing a collection that is both in and out of this world; futuristic fabrics with a zero-waste policy.

A dash of fantasy mixed in daily life, intricately sustainable. These elements can be found in the details of the 100% hand-made knitwear, some featuring digital crystal patterns. Highlights of the collection include translucent handcrafted jumper, handcrafted knitted vest, 3D translucent knitted trousers and shirts, suit vest and reutilised paper trimming details. The philosophy of the brand is to embody the wearers a sense of uniqueness while being kind of our planet. 70% of the materials are made from reused resources such as recycled bottles and eco-cotton, all the pieces are designed and made in the UK. This is the future, celebration of individuality of various identities.

Conceptual fluidity and flexibility can be found in the new fabric designs. Whether in life or in love, in reality, or dreams, we live in a world in need of commitment, especially in a time of uncertainty, it is a lens which provides depth and meaning. The journey of commitment itself is wondrous, a leap of faith…

Production: @thomasdecruzmedia
Stylist: CHB, Adam Chi Lung Chan, Freya Sinyu Siu(Assistant)
Collaboration Influencer: Abdel Queta Tavares
Models: Jay Taylor, WeiChia Wang
Hair Artist: Tzu-Jen Fang
Article: Jason Yen, Lisa Huang
Special Thanks: Kuolien Screw Industrial Co., Ltd, Yuan Yuan Kuo, A-Nien Yeh, Yi-Chun Kuo