28.9.19 – Uforia w. Mount Liberation Unlimited, Minor Science & many more

BERLIN – #SaveTheDate at Salon – Zur wilden Renate! In Uforia, Wilde Renate resident Alison Swing starts her own Berlin party series with a line-up as varied as her own musical range. This curated series starts with the Black Room, where the experimental bass and techno worlds of the UK producer Minor Science make a neat house number. FACEBOOK EVENT 

As ‘Future Classics’ his releases are celebrated on the label Whities, tracks like “Volumes” dominate the playlists of all major podcast platforms. By contrast, the Swedish duo Mount Liberation Unlimited will be in the Green Room with their Balearic sounds, who are mainstays to Swedish label Studio Barnhus who released their self-titled album a few months ago. Meanwhile in the Red Room up-and-coming star and co-founder of the LGBTQ parties HOMOOST in Groningen, Fafi Abdel Nour, will make his Berlin debut! He will be warming up for the Australian supreme selector and NTS host, Lauren Hansom who is known for her trippy world music vibe. Telephones, who after his album on Running Back last year came up with a split EP together with Luca Lozano, will be bringing it home for what promises to be a memorable party!

UFORIA RA + TICKET: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1307288

Schwarzer Raum:
Minor Science /// whities, trilogy tapes
Lolsnake /// weeeirdos
ONIO /// diskotheke melancholie

Grüner Raum:
Mount Liberation Unlimited (DJ set) /// studio barnhus
Budino /// oscillator
Alison Swing /// renate, berlin

Roter Raum:
Telephones /// love on the rocks, sex tags ufo
Lauren Hansom /// nts
Fafi Abdel Nour /// homoost