3 Must Watch Movies 4 Halloween

The day has come, the zombies are dancing on the graveyards and Dracula’s wife needs two or three bloody marys at the bar. You’re too lazy to join them? A Halloween-Grinch? Here are three movies that may get you into the mood.

First of all we have John Carpenter’s „Halloween“, a classical story about a overprotective boy, that killed his sister after having sex (yes, stay a virgin!), gets locked into a sanatorium and returns fifteen years later, on Halloween, to kill everyone. He’s the one with that stylish white hockey-mask.

watch the full movie : HERE

Then we have „The Crow“. The soul of Eric Draven returns on Halloween to practice revenge for the slaughter of his fiancé Shelly and himself. Yes, the plot may not be that thrilling, but the look is amazing and it’s a 90’srelict, due to the fact, that the principal actor (Brandon Lee) was shot during the filming and some people talk about „The curse of the Lee family“.

watch the full movie : HERE

But you want to channel your inner child a little bit more? Okay, so I give you „Hocus Pocus“! It’s about three witches near Salem, who kill a girl because of it’s energy. They got hanged, but 300 years later a halloween-grinch boy lights the black candle and they return. It’s a modern classic Halloween-Movie and Bette Midler and Sarah-Jessica Parker are extra-ordinary funny in this movie and… Come on! It’s Bette Midler! As an evil witch! In a Disney movie!