6th Annual Berlin Independent Film Festival

Every big city needs its big film festival and every big film festival needs an alternative festival. And Berlin is a big city and it got its own, very special film festival and yes, we’ve got an alternative for that one too: the Berlin Independent Film Festival. It takes places at the Babylon Film Theatre at the Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz from February 06, 2015 to February 12, 2015.

Main focus of this event are debuts or the second  movies and how far you can get with a low budget without a big lobby in your back. There will be a plenty of discussions after the movies and workshops, where filmmakers will connect and exchange marketing advices and EFM tips. BIFFs heart beats for indie films, but they also understand the importance of networking and getting into the business and the need of talking about the potential of the works.

BIFF2015-BabylonStudioKino-PlakatA1-swThe visitor and movie fan can count on an interesting choice of screenings at one of the most important theaters for independent film. The categories will be long feature film, short feature film, music videos and documentaries. The BIFF is completely independent from the Berlinale, but nonetheless an important possibility for fresh filmmakers.

The opening night will take place at the Griffin Bar. griffinbar.de Invalidenstr. 151 Berlin-Mitte

So, if you’re fed up with Kosslicks policy, then support our indie film makers. www.berlinfest.com

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