7 Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Yes, girlfriends have long carried the reputation of being difficult to shop for. But how about men? The man in your life can sometimes be equally difficult to shop for. Sure, they might be down for a cold beer and watching the game but it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like gifts either. Gifts for your stylish, special guy might not be as complex as you think. Simple and to the point might just be what you’re looking for. Here are some neat gift ideas for any occasion from birthdays to your anniversary.

  1. Video games.  If he’s a fan of speed and cars, a game like Forza Horizon 2 is perfect for him to play with his buddies. If he’s not a huge car racing fan, don’t fret. There are many other video games out there; knowing his general interest and which console he owns is enough to score something he likes from the diverse selection in stores. If all else fails, chat with the sales associate for recommendations.
  1. Vintage or retro watches (usually uni-sex with leather straps). Is your man the spiffy type who loves to dress up? Give him something that he can wear with the rest of his wardrobe. A simple vintage looking watch with a classic leather strap adds just the perfect touch to an otherwise boring grey suit. He’ll also be reminded of you whenever he puts it on and checks the time. How sweet is that? Not to mention vintage watches also make a great match for women’s styles as well–in case you’re getting any ideas.
  1. Put together a pampering gift basket for him. Sometimes your guy needs some pampering too. We all know that just because he refuses to get a manicure with you doesn’t mean he can’t potentially enjoy it. Why not put something together so that he can try it out on his own time? Bath oils, silk pajamas and VKNagrani men’s underwear equals a home day spa in the works. And if your guy is too macho for the spa? You can whip him up something else with VKNagrani to replace those bath oils. Trust in yourself to know what your man will love. 
  1. You can’t go wrong with a practical slim wallet. If your boyfriend or husband is a practical type of guy that wants to put everything he gets to good use, look into getting him a slim wallet. More often than not men don’t really want to carry a chunky wallet out and about with them. The slim wallet will keep all his IDs and cards in one place when he’s on the go. For the men who absolutely hate carrying change, this might be the best option there is. There is simply no room for coins or cash of any sort.
  1. Gift your kid at heart a parrot drone for the summer season. For the big kid in your life you can look in getting him a drone for the summer season. These consumer technologies and gadgets are big kid toys designed especially for the geek in him. The parrot drone can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet directly and has everything from detachable wheels to a little embedded camera to capture all the happenings from above. It’s also a mini version of what would be a full scale drone. So if your guy loves it, then you know what to upgrade to the next time around.
  1. Living on the West Coast? Gift your man a good umbrella. A good umbrella is harder to find than you think – especially on the West Coast where umbrellas can fly away, break, and flip inside-out in a matter of seconds during the fall season. A wide, protective, yet stylish rain cover is far better than one of those miniature black umbrellas that look and feel flimsy. Look for quality fabric, wood or metal handles, and plenty of coverage. Nothing quite compares to holding something that adds to an outfit. Maybe now he will be more driven to actually bring an umbrella with him everywhere instead of opting to get soaked.
  1. Pick up a Fitbit or similar strap on GPS gadget for your outdoor adventurer and hiker. If your guy is fun and outdoorsy – the type to happily lace up a pair of hiking boots and go anywhere – this will be the perfect gift. The GPS device will show him the best routes to take for safety and show details like the elevation and possible conditions ahead. Since he’s always on the move, the gadget will give him his vital stats at any given time so he can stay on top of how much he’s burning and consuming all in a day’s work.