A Portrait of the Artist Andreas Mühe

He is the favourite photographer of Angela Merkel. Since 2001, the photographer works with the Berlin elite of politicians like Helmut Schmidt, George Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev. Andreas Mühe is the Winner of numerous photography awards, including the Hansel Mieth Prize 2010 and the Lead Awards 2010.



Artist Network and Volkswagen are introducing the German photographer in this short film. Sorry the video is in German only. 


“Born in 1979 in what used to be Karl-Marx-Stadt, Andreas Muehe has created an oeuvre of extraordinary consistency in his still short career. In a virtuoso manner he handles the camera technique, he arranges very sophisticated lighting concepts and has, in just a few years, worked for the most important magazines and advertising agencies. He primarily uses a large format camera to stage portraits and group pictures to the smallest detail. The posers trust him; their individuality shines in the photographs, close and uncompromisingly honest.” F.C. Gundlach


Andreas Mühe just won for the second time the Lead Award. His photography series ” Obersalzberg – Ein Treffen” were published as a book in 2013. Mühe’s works were exhibit at the Kunsthalle Rostock (2011), Rheingalerie Bonn (2010), DZ Bank Art Collection Frankfurt (2013) and the NRW-Forum Dusseldorf (2014) and in the collections Wemhoehner, Mont Blanc, and FC Gundlach. Andreas Mühe has been named as one of the leading photographer from Germany. 

Andreas Mühe: „Obersalzberg“, dt/engl., 208 pages, Distanz, 44 Euro.  www.distanz.de



Volkswagen www.volkswagen.de