A short movie premiere: OSU – Muay Thai champion Kevin Ross faces his fiercest opponent – himself

Legendary Muay Thai fighter Kevin ‘The Soul Assassin’ Ross teamed up with visionary director Judith Veenendaal and production company Mr.Frank to tell the true story of how he overcame addiction and fought to chase his dreams. OSU is a beautifully personal short film, with a resoundingly universal message – the biggest fight is always the one inside your own head. Part art-film, part biography, OSU is a thrillingly unique piece of visual poetry, guaranteed to enthral fans of kickboxing, the spoken word, and creative filmmaking. The project was initiated to raise awareness of The Fourth Partner charity, which works with terminally-ill patients around the world.

OSU is a pure labour of love, made possible through the generous collaboration of many talented individuals. Launching this month, we are presenting OSU to film festivals and awards bodies, and inviting select print and digital publications to feature it. More information, including full credits, can be found on the Mr.Frank website. Please email or call Peter Gigg with any additional press inquiries. OSU is based upon Kevin’s study of the Muay Thai philosophy of ‘osu’ (pronounced ‘oossss’) – the training mantra by which a student steels themselves against any hardship, physical or mental. A prolific writer, Kevin produced a short text detailing his struggles with drug addiction and alcoholism, which was brought to the attention of Dutch Filmmaker Judith Veenendaal by Johnny Reilly. Together with Mr.Frank, Judith developed Kevin’s words into a stunning work of filmic art. Both abstract and grounded in a physical reality, OSU is a beautiful and visceral piece of filmmaking.

Kevin Ross is one of the most celebrated Muay Thai kickboxers of all time, currently placing at number 10 in world ranking. Co-star Johnny ‘Bang’ Reilly is a British poet and voiceover artist, whose work focuses on the deeper and darker themes of martial arts, and his own struggles with addiction.

“Mr.Frank is a film production company. We are based in Amsterdam but we think and act globally, with a fully-international team. Mr.Frank makes commercials, short films, documentaries, music videos and everything in-between. Mr.Frank may be young, but he’s wise beyond his years, backed up by a team of directors, artists, writers, producers and photographers who represent the very best in the industry, who bring passion, vitality and humour to everything they commit themselves to.”

Find out more at: hellomrfrank.com

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