ACBY II/17 – She Plays Alone – Campaign

The second collection II/17 by Samuel Acebey was inspired by the painting of Frida Kahlo ‚Girl With Deathmask‘ (She Plays Alone). Influenced by the painting and Frida Kahlo’s lifestyle, charged with a vivid optimism, the colour palette emerges: bright grey plays against radiant prints, in hues of sorbet orange, lilac and greenery, fused with white details. The strong use of vibrant colors with a soft base is a bold statement about escaping daily Tristesse.  Photography by Loreen Hinz. Model is Neele signed at MiHa Modelmanagement. Make up by Anja Kieselbach. Hair done by Marc Klukert. Fashion and styling by ACBY by Samuel Acebey.

Hand embroidery and embellishments besides an infinity of craft techniques, come together to reflect the spirit of traditional sewing and complete a unique look. The garments breathe a natural femininity and a careful sophistication, in natural premium fabrics like delicate pongé silks, soft virgin wools and rich cottons. Elaborated silhouettes and drape elements garnished with feminine organic details, create a bold modern dimension. Voluminous and chunky but airy pieces create space and movement for a customer with a wild spirit.

Fashion and Styling
ACBY by Samuel Acebey

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make up:
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Marc Klukert

Neele signed at MiHa Modelmanagement

Fides Müller

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