Adore Delano – Till Death Do Us Party

The first album “Till Death Do Us Party” by the infamous Adore Delano is out today! Adore Delano was a contestant in the latest RuPaul Drag Race Edition, and eventhough she didn’t win, we discovered a real fucking star. Adore has the voice of an angel and definitly the body of a sinner. We already loved her singles “DTF”, and “I Adore You”, so rush in your iTunes Store kittens!


This Queen is special to our hearts. She’s incredibly talented, and has a phenomenal personality, being bubbly and natural. She turns über-trash in sensational and she sings like a fucking Angel. So kittens, I was so exited to call her! It was 9am in the US, and I wasn’t sure if I’ll get a sleepy little Queen, or what. But you know the title of her album: Till Death Do us Party, so naturally …

KALTBLUT: Hello Adore! How are you?

Adore: Hi! I’m doing really fucking great! Do you want a shot? Come on, take a shot with us!

KALTBLUT: Absolutly! Thank you!

Adore: No problem baby.


I Adore U

Buy Adore Delano’s debut single ‘DTF’ on iTunes…

KALTBLUT: Let’s go back in time, at KALTBLUT we mostly know you through Ru Paul’s Drag Race, how was it?

Adore: It was honestly so much fun! You know I’ve been dressing as a girl since I’m 15, and even before I was taking the heels of my mum. This is what I do!

KALTBLUT: Are you still friend with some of the other Queens?

Adore: Oh yes!

KALTBLUT: Adore, I loved the DTF ghetto vibe, that’s quite a style change from what you had been posting on youtube before, are you going to continue in this direction?

Adore: Look, we just finished to shoot my next video I Adore Adore with Ben ???, and it’s very different, I don’t want to be categorized, I just want to make awesome stuff! You know it’s very important for me to be taken seriously not only as a Drag performer but also as an vocal artist.

KALTBLUT: You know we’re based in Berlin, have you been here yet?

Adore: Not for the moment, we’re focusing on the US. You know I was part of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and it’s about America’s next Drag Superstar, I wish they’ll do a next World’s Drag Superstar. But I’d love to come! Is there some hot guys there?

KALTBLUT: It’s the capital of hot guys!

Adore: Awesome! Then i’ll definitly come by!


KALTBLUT: Did you follow the victory of Conchita Wurst at the latest Eurovision?

Adore: Oh yes, I love this bitch! I love her beard, and I love her voice. I think we should make a duo and take over the trans-atlantic audiences!

AdoreDelano_2_pc_MagnusHastingsedit“I’m already a star baby!”

KALTBLUT: Here at KALTBLUT we’re sure you’re going to be a megastar..

Adore: Well I’m already a star baby!

KALTBLUT: Yes, yes! But a MegaStar, goes mainstream to!

Adore: I’m fucking ready for it! I’ve always wanted to be a star, I’ve been preparing my whole life. I feel now is the perfect time. I mean, Lady Gaga’s been doing that for a while. The only difference is that I have a penis and she doesn’t. So Bring it On World!

Get the album here:

Interview by Fleur Helluin

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