Agi & Sam Spring/Summer 2017

#LCM! In previous years Agi & Sam have turned more heads with their makeup concepts then maybe their collections.. (although always amazing). This session its all about the garments, with a ever growing strong point of view. You can tell Agi & Sam have spent a lot of time and effort to think about the customer making a very effortless and wearable collection. Inspired by cult UK TV show “Only fools and horses” Agi & Sam have taken inspiration from the character wardrobe themselves, with a homage to the lead character “Del Boy’ to be found on a super relaxed tee.

Agi-Sam_ss17_fy24 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy23 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy22 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy21 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy20 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy19 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy18 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy17 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy16 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy15 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy13 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy12 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy11 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy10 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy9 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy8 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy7 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy6 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy5 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy4 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy3 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy2 Agi-Sam_ss17_fy1 _ARC0334 _ARC0274 _ARC0227

Text: Karl Slater