Agora Clothing Autumn/Winter 2019

Agora taps into its softer side for Autumn campaign. Agora has eschewed provocative designs and graphics in place of a more classic take on menswear for its Autumn collection. The Norwich, UK streetwear brand’s new release boasts luxurious textures, earthy tones and heritage silhouettes.

Luxurious textures and earthy tones aplenty.

Subtle touches like the pants-matching plaid lettering of the sweatshirts add character and unity to the collection. While the classic tailoring of the cropped pants and mock neck long sleeves add a touch of elegance. //

Agora is best known for its minimal embroidered pieces at affordable price points. But their Autumn campaign is part of a wider exploration into more sophisticated and classically-oriented cut and sew menswear.

Agora Clothing is the leading source for affordable streetwear. Conceived in 2011, the UK company has evolved from a sportswear focused vintage clothing site, to a leading streetwear brand, while retaining its penchant for the nostalgic.

Agora’s charm is in its subtleties; from its refined embroidered pieces to the harmony it creates with unique colour blocking, Agora creates relevant clothing that you want to own.

MODEL Jordan De Vos