Berlin! 27.07.19 – 16.08.19 AKA presents: ‘Fluctuations’ by Ranny Cooper

Fluctuations is a series of paintings inspired by the changes in the female body experienced during menstruation, especially in the case of women suffering from endometriosis – a condition affecting the lining of the uterus which can cause women crippling pain every month. 

Artist, Ranny Cooper explores the physical and mental effects of this monthly cycle. Portrayed through abstracted human figures, headless and often limbless states communicate the sense of disability which menstrual pain can cause.  Pain itself is imaged in circling, undulating lines, like those of a topographic map. 

Fluctuations aim to raise awareness around the subject of gendered pain and invisible disability, as well as the widespread misunderstanding that surrounds these issues.

Ranny Cooper is a London-based artist who received her education at the University of the Arts. Her work constantly circles around the body which she represents at times figuratively, other times abstractly, through sculpture, plaster casting, painting, and illustration. Her work has been included in a number of exhibitions and creative projects in the UK

WHAT?  ‘Fluctuations’ by Ranny Cooper
WHERE? AKA, Pflügerstrasse 6, 12047 Berlin, Germany
WHEN? Vernissage, Saturday, 15 May 2019 from 19:00-22:00 / FACEBOOK EVENT

Instagram: @rannycooper

Curated by LMW for AKA