Alfred Kerbs – Handmade Sunglasses made in Italy

Summer is close and I just got a little gift from Italy. Alfred Kerbs – Handmade Sunglasses made in Italy – just has send me a pair of sunglasses: Paul black. Effortless rectangular black frame. Unisex. And I love them. If you are still looking for your MUSTHAVE summer accessoire jump over to the online shop and order your favourite item.


 We are pleased to introduce Alfred Kerbs debut sunglasses collection, shot by Lea Colombo.


Paul Black: Effortless rectangular frame. Paul is Alfred’s classical and timeless piece. Works well on both men and women alike. Lenses: Dark grey Premium Zeiss Lenses. 100% UV/UVB Protection Material: Black acetate. Paul AK #01! get it here:


Me wearing ASOS shirt and Levi´s jeans. Photos of me by Michelle Hèlena Janssen.
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The young sunglasses brand offers original and innovative yet timeless designs with a studied color palette. The frames are handmade in Italy using high-quality materials and Zeiss lenses.


As fashion insiders, Alfred Kerbs‘ creatives carry the product to the fashion field in a natural way: moodboards, colors, materials, shapes, collaborations… Shot by the renowned backstage photographer Lea Colombo (Dazed & Confused) and directed as if it were a fashion editorial, Alfred Kerbs‚ launch campaign accurately reflects the strong, easily recognisable brand identity.

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A tribe of redheads create a sense of belonging and adherence to Alfred’s universe and naturally defines the visual parameters of the brand.

Interestingly both avant-garde and classic, the Collection Nº1 was launched in Tokyo last October and we are pleased to announce the release of Alfred Kerbs eshop now available.


Alfred Kerbs was born in Barcelona and now he is planning to conquer the world. Alfred Kerbs is an aesthete. His sunglasses are the ultimate symbol of style and distinction. Alfred Kerbs is a perfectionist. Alternative designs, a studied range of colors and top-quality materials. His creations are objects of seduction.

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Alfred Kerbs is not an easy man to find. His admirers will only find him in the most select places. Laid-back elegance is the essence of what makes us Alfred Kerbs.  Handmade in Italy.




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