Alina Nikolaenko A/W 2019 – Hāfu

May I introduce you to fashion designer Alina Nikolaenko and her A/W 2019 collection – Hāfu?! Photography by Veronica Azarian. Models are Nika Berger signed at Twig Model Group and Mariya Martemyanova signed at DTA agency. Video by Andrei Nikitin. Makeup by Rita Simone. Hair by Denis Khudozhnikov. Styled by Alina Artey.

In this collection, called «Hāfu» (means ‘half’ in Japanese language), I have mixed elements of traditional Japanese clothing together with spirit of London 60’s tailoring and added a glimpse of street art as an inspiration for prints. I tried to balance history and novelty in order to get collection, which has both respect to the past and view into the future.

Photography / Retouching / Production by Veronica Azarian / / Instagram: @ronny_azarian
Technical Direction by Maxim Churkin / Instagram: @max_chu

Models are: Nika Berger signed at Twig Model Group / / Instagram:  @nika.berger @twigmodels
Mariya Martemyanova signed at DTA agency / / Instagram: @mariya.martemyanova @dtagencyrussia

Makeup by Rita Simone / Instagram: @rita_simone
Hair by Denis Khudozhnikov / Instagram: @deniskhudozhnikov
Style by Alina Artey / Instagram: @linch_artey

Video by Andrei Nikitin / Instagram: @smilekins

Clothes by Alina Nikolaenko / / Instagram: @gottis_


clothes: Alina Nikolaenko, shoes: Porta9, Sintezia, WetKiss