All I Want 4 XMAS #11: A three-month subscription – Lemonade from Proviant

#CrazyGiveaway – With the three-month subscription from Proviant you will get a colourful mix of lemonades, spritzers and colas delivered to your doorstep once a month. What’s the best part of it? All of them will provide you an all natural and organic vitamin and energy boost during the cold season.

They only consist of exactly what’s supposed to be in every bottle: water and real fruit juice. The lemonades are sweetened with a pinch of cane sugar – everything of highest organic quality. And then there’s the new cola, not just any cola, no! The first fairtrade certified cola with the archetypical cola taste.

Since 2009 Berlins only Fruit Manufactory Proviant is producing natural and delicious smoothies with a lot of love and care. Due to the great demand, Proviant expanded its product range by fruity spritzers, tasty lemonades, natural colas and since 2018 the first fairtrade certified cola. 

to get the three-month subscription – Lemonade from Proviant – send an email to

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