American Pastoral by Ewan McGregor (2016)

Many years ago I read this disturbing story about a perfect middle-class US American family that falls apart as the only daughter radicalizes herself during the 1960’s. The novel by Philip Roth is boring and intense like a suburban Sunday afternoon and now Ewan McGregor directed it for his debut.

american-pastoral-poster-1Ewan McGregor and Jennifer Connelly are the parents of Merry, a cute blonde kid, portrayed by Dakota Fanning. The bond between them is very close, but as a teenager, who observes the world and the injustice (racism, Vietnam, Korea), she wants to change it and in her intention she’s as extreme as her father. More and more they lose each others trust and soon everything collapses with a big boom!

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I really like the novel. It was very hard to read, thick and boring and it’s unbelievable how a family can get messed up by the stubbornness of one girl.

But in these days the world changes so much and it’s so important to know in what we believe that another opinion inside of a family seems unbearable.

Cast: Jennifer Connelly, Ewan McGregor, Dakota Fanning, Peter Riegert, Rupert Evans, Uzo Aduba