Amir Slama SS17

São Paulo Fashion Week. Amir Slama showed his Spring/Summer 2017 collection during the fashion fest in Brazil. Sexy male models in tiny swimwear. Amir Slama, that launched the brand in 1993, opened the first store of his new venture in beachwear, with his own name Amir Slama, in 2012 in São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro.

Amir-Slama_ss17_fy2 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy3 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy4 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy5 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy6 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy7 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy8 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy9 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy10 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy11 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy12 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy13 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy14 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy15 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy16 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy17 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy18 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy19 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy20 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy21 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy22 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy23 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy24 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy26 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy27 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy29 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy30 Amir-Slama_ss17_fy31