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An Interview: Allah-Las

LA band Allah-Las are now on tour with their latest album ‘Worship the Sun’. After the release of their single Catamaran in 2011 Californian posse Allah-Las have formed a name for themselves on the LA music scene and around the world. With their weekly web radio show Reverberation you can see Allah-Las’ music takes from a number of inspirations and influences that show the bands true love for past greats and putting their own spin on it to create a unique sound.

Photo by Robbie Simon
Photo by Robbie Simon

The release of their latest album ‘Worship the Sun’ is just this – and sees their sound taking more of an experimental turn – with the use of different instrument arrangements , Allah-Las have built on their past work whilst refining and defining themselves as a band. KALTBLUT caught up with the boys on the first half of their album tour to talk about their most stand-out gig, the evolution of the band and their future.

Photo by Aaron Geisel
Photo by Aaron Geisel

KALTBLUT: On your last tour we heard you got out of some “tight situations”… can you tell us a little bit more about that?

Allah-Las: In London the embassy was holding our passports with Russian visas and we nearly missed our sold out Paris show because we couldn’t get them back.  

KALTBLUT: What kind of influence would you like to think your music has on people?

Allah-Las: We’d like to think it has a positive influence, whether it be that people can enjoy it when they’re having a good day or therapeutic if the person is feeling shitty.  A girl from Istanbul told us that during the riots last year she would come home after being out in the streets and listen to our music and it would help her cope.  That compliment made us realize that sometimes our music can impact people in ways we never thought possible.  

KALTBLUT: Has there been a gig that you have played that stands out most in your mind?

Allah-Las: Last year in London we played a sold out show and bobby Gillespie & members of primal scream & the Jesus and Mary chain came to the show.  We’re huge fans of both those bands and we felt like we were on cloud 9.

KALTBLUT: Could you describe the evolution of Allah-Las since you first started?

Allah-Las: We started playing together in 2008 in Spencer’s parents basement.  We had our first show a few weeks after we started jamming on Halloween at a house party.  It was a terrible show.   After that we started playing shows regularly and wrote new songs and have gradually progressed into the band we are today.

KALTBLUT: Which city inspires you the most musically?

Allah-Las: Los Angeles

KALTBLUT: With so much going on with the album release and touring do you plan on keeping up your weekly web radio show ‘Reverberation’?

Allah-Las: Yes. Reverberation is a collective of the 4 of us and 6 of our close friends, along with the occasional guest mix so between all of us we will be able to continue the weekly podcast while were touring on this album release.

KALTBLUT: Who are you listening to at the moment?

Allah-Las: At this moment we are driving in the south of France and listening to the Flying Burrito Brothers.

KALTBLUT: What do you get up to when you’re not playing music?

Allah-Las: We enjoy watching movies, the outdoors, surfing, health food and exotic mood modifiers.  

KALTBLUT: How do you see the future for Allah-Las?

Allah-Las: More music that may be less accessible to the general public coupled with songs that everyone can enjoy.  

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Photo by Nolan Hall
Photo by Nolan Hall


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