An Interview: Oh Land

Photo by Justin Tyler Close

Artist Of The Week! Oh Land’s fourth album is out now and it’s called Earth Sick. You may have already pre-ordered it on her pledge site? The New-York based, Danish born singer decided to fund her latest album on her own like she did with her first album Fauna. Still the same artist as when she first started with her love for orchestral elements though now more aware than ever of her style and process.

Oh Land has something magical about her that is reiterated through her music and lyrical spirit. With a mix of electro-pop beats teamed with a mass of instrumental backing there are so many aspects to this album. Her lyrics depict stories that come from her life in the city with a particular dreaminess attached that may have you hitting the repeat button.


Full of electro-pop beats, Oh Land’s fourth album Earth Sick is out now!!!

KALTBLUT: How would you describe your latest album ‘Earth Sick’?

Oh Land: It’s a dreamy album which centers around the theme of longing. The harmonic side has lots of orchestral and choir elements. While, the rhythmical side is beat driven in a hip-hop leaning way with lots of  little samples from my everyday life. The album is highly critical of myself and looking at my world from outside, as if I was an alien looking back at Earth, thinking “what will I do differently when I come back.”

KALTBLUT: You are originally from Denmark and now living in New York is there one city you find particularly inspiring?

Oh Land: I think the most inspiring place for me is in nature. It’s the place I feel most at peace. I love hiking, climbing, trekking and  swimming. I also like the contrast of being in a city and studying people on the subway. New york and London are particularly great for that!

KALTBLUT: Could you tell us about how you go about writing the lyrics to your songs?

Oh Land: It usually starts in traffic. Like sitting in a cab, or going through customs or sitting on the subway. Whenever I’m traveling without moving that’s when ideas pop up and I jot sentences down on paper. Later I will go home and continue writing the melody. To me the melody is the loveliest part cause it feels like magic. All these lines that will make the worlds come alive.

KALTBLUT: Your music comes from life experiences… Do you always keep your eye out for a new story that could possibly make for a song?

Oh Land: Absolutely! I think my music is very autobiographical. I can’t help myself I’m always really honest and you can tell exactly where I am in my life from my song lyrics. Maybe it’s because the reason I started writing in the first place was when I suffered a personal trauma as a teen who lost ballet due to a serious back injury.

Photo by Justin Tyler Close

Photo by Justin Tyler Close

KALTBLUT: What has been a standout moment for you musically?

Oh Land: Probably when I arranged all my songs together with my dad for a symphony orchestra. That was a very special moment hearing 70 musicians play your music. It touched me every single night.

KALTBLUT: Your performances and music videos are all quite magical… Do you step into another world when performing?

Oh Land: I guess I see the world as a very magical place. I know the reality is brutal and because of that I still want to maintain my childlike belief that things can change for the better. And the only way I can do that is when I allow myself to still dream….

KALTBLUT: What is the story behind your first single off the album ‘head up high’?

Oh Land: It was a song I wrote for my friend who was going through a very hard breakup. I wrote it as encouragement and then  I forgot about it. A year later she asked me if I was ever gonna finish that song and she pulled it up and played it for me. I started recording it immediately and now its the first single.

KALTBLUT: Will you be touring your new album?

Oh Land: Yes absolutely and I can’t wait to come to Germany. I speak a tiny bit of German and love a good old Currywurst. Berlin is one of my favorite cities in the world.

Photo by Justin Tyler Close

Photo by Justin Tyler Close

KALTBLUT: If you could perform with one artist who would it be?

Oh Land: Probably Bjork. She’s the best – so beautiful, artistic and intense. My female crush. We would be performing “I play dead” together…

KALTBLUT: Are there any Oh Land secrets that you can tell us?

Oh Land: (Laughs) I actually don’t think I have any secrets currently… If I get one I will tell you!

Photo by Justin Tyler Close

Photo by Justin Tyler Close


11.12.2014, 60 Minutes of OH LAND with The Copenhagen Philharmonic Kulturvaeftet, Helsingør, Denmark
12.12.2014, 60 Minutes of OH LAND with The Copenhagen Philharmonic Konservatoriets Koncertsal (Radiohuset) Copenhagen, Denmark
13.12.2014, 60 Minutes of OH LAND with The Copenhagen Philharmonic Konservatoriets Koncertsal (Radiohuset) Copenhagen, Denmark



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