An interview with Bitte Andersson – Director of “Dyke Hard”

Berlinale 2015! After the successful premiere of her first movie „Dyke Hard“ I was able to talk with the director Bitte Andersson about this funny project. This movie is announced to be very trashy, there are tons of ninjas, police fights, ghosts, sexy prisoners and sex scenes, bad dialogues and worse acting. But in the end, it’s maybe the funniest and most charming movie we have seen this festival.

KALTBLUT: Hello! The movie is great for such a long amateur work. Are you happy that the audience was so entertained?

Bitte: I’m happy, but my brain is still processing every second of the screening. I try to understand the reactions. I think, a lot of people liked it, but I’m still not sure.. what do you think?



KALTBLUT: I like the movie really very much. For sure, a few people left the cinema, but you must not forget, that we all see a lot of movies the whole day and that at 11 pm your brain’s full. but in my row, in my area, everybody was laughing!

Bitte: I’m so happy!

KALTBLUT: Yes, there were laughing, because it was meant like this.

Bitte: Oh, thank you! I was so scared! I thought about this for three weeks.

KALTBLUT: You worked on this for four years. Did all your friends stay your friends?

hbtq-b-film_artBitte: We had some hardships together, sometimes it was difficult to keep the hope up. We had no money, people got sick, the actors got full-time jobs, it’s difficult to get six people together at the same day sometimes. We had difficulties, but now everybody is so happy and I’m so grateful, that nobody jumped out of the project.

KALTBLUT: You had to put so much work in it, everybody got kind of an own script, was that still fun?

Bitte: Yeah, but it also saved a lot of acting work. As a director I had to set the photography, get food for the crew and everything, I was also the assistant of the photographer, so they got no direction actually. I was too busy, I had to manage the electric cords or the lunch, so they have been acting undirected. They’re were just themselves, but in a story. That was really good.

Foto by Nicklas Dennermalm

KALTBLUT: Did you really travel through Sweden or was it just the surrounding of Stockholm?

Bitte: We travelled to my childhood village. The old lady is my mother and it’s my neighbors house. When I was little, when I was angry with my parents, I would always escape to my neighbors house and I didn’t need any decoration, the looks like that. For me it was a kind of fairytale castle, it is so beautiful so it was very nice for me to shoot this fantasy episode in that house. And with my mother!

KALTBLUT: You got a lot of support, right? The big festival at the end, was that a kind of a party?

Bitte: Yes, we had a party after the shooting, but that was long before the premiere.

KALTBLUT: Do you want to work as a director again?

Bitte: After the movie, I felt like as if I have been in a horror crash and I survived, I had luck. And I felt that I will never be this lucky again, I will never ever succeed again, but now everybody in the team is super positive and they really want to make another film. And I think, when we do another film, than maybe with another financial situation? Because now I owe everybody a favor and I can’t effort any money. But if somebody would give me a budget I would consider it. I really like the art form.


KALTBLUT: I like the art form in the movie, we all saw a lot of trash movies, but this one got a good style. It’s not that trashy as it announces.


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