An Interview with Sweater Beats

Producing music that makes you sweat – Sweater Beats is a Brooklyn based artist that needs no introduction. His latest EP ‘Cloud City’ was released as a free download in late October and will get you up on that dance floor with a mix of hip-hop and electro beats. The sexy and soulful 4 track EP lends itself to a thematic ideal with its title track ‘Rain Dance’ setting off the mood. The name came about quite simply when he was making the track and it was raining.

Sweater Beats believes he is “a sucker for making things thematic” and went on to create these tracks based around the sky and clouds. Having toured with the likes of Chet Faker and Flume earlier this year, Sweater Beats already has a new EP in the works along with plans to embark on his first headline tour next year.


KALTBLUT: How did the name Sweater Beats come about?

Sweater Beats: When I first started making beats I went by the name Sweaters. The main idea was that I made music that makes you sweat. When I started putting up my music online though, you couldn’t search me on Google, so I changed it to Sweater Beats to help with SEO.

KALTBLUT: You’re Brooklyn based… Can you tell me a bit about how the city influences you and your work?

Sweater Beats: So I moved here to go to college about five years ago, and making music was just a small part of my life. I ended up going to a lot of these underground Brooklyn shows and DIY warehouse parties, thanks to my old roommate. Being exposed to that scene really inspired me to start taking my music seriously and put myself out there.

KALTBLUT: You started with more rock influences in your music before moving into electronic… Do you see your music evolving further in the way of genres?

Sweater Beats: Absolutely, I don’t think I can ever stick to one thing. Testing the waters outside of my comfort zone keeps my inspired. The beauty about this generation of artists is that they’re throwing the idea of genres out the window. I think being super connected, styles can cross-pollinate and we end up with new and interesting music. When you ask a producer what kind of music they make the answer is always some five adjective response.

KALTBLUT: How do you like to work? Do you have a particular musical process?

Sweater Beats: Most times I start off noodling on the keyboard to get the gears turning. I usually lay down some melodic idea as a jumping off point and build the beat from there.

KALTBLUT: Can you tell me a bit about the idea behind your sound niche ‘baby makerz’?

Sweater Beats: Nothing too profound behind it honestly, its just what I like to call sexy music.

KALTBLUT: Why did you choose to have your latest EP ‘Cloud City’ as a free download?

Sweater Beats: I love my fans and I just wanted to make it very accessible to them.


KALTBLUT: Can you describe the type of crowd you love to play to?

Sweater Beats: I love playing to club crowds, where it can get sweaty on the dance floor. The more intimate the better. There’s more opportunity for me to go left field with my sets.

KALTBLUT: What was it like touring with Chet Faker & Flume? Any interesting stories?

Sweater Beats: Chet Faker is an absolute boss, he’s one of the best live performers I’ve ever seen. And the Flume shows in New York were both amazing and nerve-racking. They were the biggest shows I had played at that point, and I was super nervous.

KALTBLUT: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Sweater Beats: I’ve been inspired by all the amazing acts I’ve opened for this year. It’s definitely changed the way I like to perform. Also just going to new places and experiencing the music scene there always gets my gears turning. Oh and Drake and Timbaland.

KALTBLUT: Tell me something most people wouldn’t know about you…

Sweater Beats: I think papayas look weird on the inside.