Andres Koma F/W 16-17 – Workaholic Freak

#OneToWatch! Andres Koma is a contemporary menswear brand founded in 2015. ‘’Koma’’ is came from a Japanese word, ’’Konomama’’ which means ‘as it is here and now’’. It is a motto of designer’s philosophies. We believe that clothing is not only display a personal style but also a media to recording memories, reflecting daily mood and inspiration for specific moment. The combination between classic and urban style create a unique pieces and details. The unexpected item is the media to memorizes ‘’this time’’ that we won’t forget. Andres Koma unveiled it’s Fall Winter 2016/17 collection, titled ’’Workaholic Freak’’. This collection is inspired by a story, a 80s’ boy who travel to the future and working in a fashion house.

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Make up & Hair: Rainbow Chung

Model: Sam

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