#SaveTheDate – Berlin 14.10.2021-15.11.2021 – LAUNCH EVENT: 14.10.2021 // 7PM-10PM. Be my Oily is Anna Zimmermann’s first solo exhibition showing an extract of her art project, The Little Ladies, which started in 2019.

The displays of female portraits and nudes resembling postures of antique busts and statues created with oil paint on canvas. Next to traditional materials, Anna uses urban tools like sharpies and fine-line markers to create colorful portraits of intuitive lines and impulsive surfaces, forming figurative and abstract faces that draw the viewer into their gaze. Be my Oily is the first exhibition of The Little Ladies Art project and the first line of a love letter to self-loving femininity.

The Little Ladies Project is home to Anna’s main muse – women. Initially drawn on smaller formats, such as Post-it notes, The Little Ladies literally started little. In contrast to the idealized image of women in early 2000s pop culture, The Little Ladies cherish bodily diversity and self-love and paint a realistic and loving picture of femininity with an artistic abstraction that intends to leave room for the viewer’s imagination, enabling them to see themselves in the works.

The color palette is characterized by minimalistic compositions in black and white and expressions of bright shades evocative of red wooden cottages and bright green grasses, revealing Anna’s connection to Scandinavian aesthetics.