Antony Morato FW 2014 – #antonymoratoplaces

Menswear we LOVE! May I introduce you to Antony Morato´s new FW 2014 campaign: #antonymoratoplaces! A multi-subject campaign, featuring different faces and locations. It is conceived as a journey to three different cities: London, Barcelona and Naples. The Italian fashion brand was founded in 2007 by Lello, Giovanni and Tania Caldarelli, three young Italian brothers, established Antony Morato. Conceived as a trend-driven fashion brand with excellent value for price, the company quickly positioned itself as a successful player in the casual men’s sportswear category.  


“We wanted to describe the cities which influence everybody´s imagination through the eyes of men like us, through the same eyes with which I saw and still see these cities when I look for ideas and inspiration” says Lello Caldarelli, Chairman and Art Director of the brand.

#antonymoratoplaces Barcelona: The place of encounters, where old meets new, the city which always reinvents itself. An inspiration for Antony Morato who sparks off Italian style renewing fabrics and looks every new season.


Daniel is the narrator: German from Hamburg, dancer, illustrator, model, whose sculptured and contemporary body matches his soul, gentle and sophisticated like his features.

#antonymoratoplaces London: The city where the whole world feels at home, where you breathe freedom and style, where everybody can be whatever he wants, without fear of being rejected.


This place embodies the brand`s thought, which never imposes a way of being but gives its men ideas and instruments to allow them to be themselves. It is the city of Val, born in Italy and now become citizen of the world to follow music and find love.

#antonymoratoplaces Naples:  The beloved city of Antony Morato and Stefano, one of the protagonists of the campaign: Neapolitan actor, in love with the contradictions of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


A place where comedy and tragedy live side by side, whose colours and flavours catch you and leave a mark: this is what Stefano expresses in the film and Antony Morato in his collections.

These are the Morato boys and men, always ready to take off, to dare, curious and free to be and reinvent themselves and the places where they live. Three stories, three different cities. A journey through the Antony Morato World, telling of Passion, Culture and Lifestyle.

Napoli_7Official About: “Supported by a youthful attitude and clearly defined look, the label has created its own, distinctive stylistic language in both its wide-ranging product design and its original communications strategies.
Launched initially in Italy, the company has garnered a loyal following of customers and quickly grown into an international competitor.  In 2011, after just five years of business, the company reached an annual production turnover of four million units of clothing, distributed in nearly 3,000 points of sale worldwide, making Antony Morato one of the fastest growing players in menswear over the latest two decades. Today Antony Morato is sold in 30 mono-brand stores in strategic locations throughout Europe, Asia, South America, as well as available in multi-brand stores in more than 50 countries.”

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