ARDUSSE – Spring/Summer 2021

ARDUSSE is revealing its first campaign, photographed by South African / London based photographer Lea Colombo. Her exploration of colour meets ARDUSSE’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection, which is the founding act of a story that will unfold from here on; this first idyll reiterates and outlines the foundations of the narrative, drawing direct inspiration from the first idyll of Theocritus, the Syracusan poet who originally painted the bucolic and soothing features of Arcadia, imagining a man in contact with nature.

A delicate language emerges from the clash of archetypal, masculine and pragmatic shapes in enveloping volumes – the parka, the blazer, the duster coat, the anorak, the pleated trousers, the tailored Bermuda shorts, the ruffled shirt, the crocheted sweaters – and delicate, feminine fabrics, either impalpable or with intense, sensual textures.

Shot by: Lea Colombo
Creative direction: Federico + Braga Studio
Stylist: Giovanni Dario Laudicina
Model: Marnix Eyckmans, Dior Beye, Prithvi Balwantsingh
Hair: Fabio D’Onofrio
Makeup: Luciano Chiarello
Casting: Piotr Chamier
Set designer: Ruggero Baisi
Production: Ten Artist