Asbjørn – Pseudo Vision

One To Watch! Danish pop kid with a relentless urge to dance. Too young to be a vinyl-maniac but too old to embrace the digital age unreflectingly, 21-year-old Asbjørn launches Pseudo Visions – a fresh take on today’s music-formats that lets Asbjørn’s audience join him on a year-long exploration of his artistry. The journey began on February 1st with the song “Brotherhood”. On March 1st Asbjørn published his second video “RYB”. And we love it!

Brotherhood – Part I

Official about:

“The term Pseudo Visions encapsulates the most intense moments that leave you to wonder if they were real or some sort of dream gazes. Every song – or vision – will be accompanied by a video, and combined the videos tell a continuous story that will evolve throughout the year. The story is divided into three chapters, and is expected to reach its conclusion in early 2015. “Some of the songs may be radio-friendly, others are just beautiful stories I need to tell. And no matter their commercial
potential all these songs will have equal opportunities”, Asbjørn elaborates. “It’s not up to me which ones people respond to, but I will know that all of them had the chance to change something for someone”.


2014 will be the year of Pseudo Visions. Writing songs, recording, making videos, releasing and touring will surely keep the young pop visionary from post-release restlessness. “Artists post so much bullshit on the social media platforms because
they are afraid of being forgotten. But basically, it’s not relevant to my music what I had for breakfast. The important thing is that I live and breathe music, and as long as I do that the fear of being forgotten is not present”, Asbjørn says.

As a child Asbjørn felt a strong connection to powerful women, finding his inspiration in unusual idols for a small boy. Female characters as diverse as Snow White and Madonna dictated his style and interests when he, primarily dressed in skirts,
invented choreographies in his countryside childhood home just outside of Aarhus – Denmark’s second largest city. “I would come home from school, put a t-shirt on my head, like a wig, and imitate Madonna’s dance moves from the ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ video”, Asbjørn recalls

Raised on 90’s pop, Asbjørn may seem far from his starting point when he describes his own alternative and playful productions as ‘pop’. And yet: “I grew up when Spice Girls ruled the air waves and everybody fell in love with Britney in her schoolgirl outfit. Pop-culture always was and still is my stepping stone, and that’s why I call my own music pop; I believe other 90’s kids like me also felt something was missing”, Asbjørn explains. He embodied that statement on his 2012 debut album Sunken Ships, delivering pop songs in a completely new wrapping.

With 20 concerts in 2013 Germany has become Asbjørn’s second home market. And while Asbjørn plays most of the instruments on his recordings, his spell-binding liveshows are a different matter altogether: His hard-hitting stage presence, his unique voice and non-stop dancing walk hand-in-hand with the raw energy of his 4-piece live-band and keep his loyal audience coming back for more.”

Asbjørn- A young and fresh artist to watch!