Asger Juel Larsen AW16 – An Interview

Asgar Juel Larsen once again made a great impact at the Copenhagen Fashion Week. His show, which combined clothes that stood out as a personal statement on clothing that is ‘’Born Worn’’, in dark magma like tones, with focus on longevity and not solely created out of any direct trend, with sonic, electronic, noise drenched artistry of Simon and Rasmus Littauer, was spectacular.

We were lucky enough to get a hold of Asger after his amazing show to ask him a few questions regarding his show and his creative process. Interview by Erik Slot Malmqvist

Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-20 Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-19 Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-18 Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-17 Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-16

KB: What were the thoughts and inspiration behind the Fall-Winter 16 show and collection?

Asger: In short, I really felt that I had to show my DNA thoroughly, this time around. Of course it’s also about where you stand in your life when making this collection. The collection can be either vintage or futuristic. It can be just about anything and works on different levels, but in general it’s kinda trashed, because we have put the materials through a tough line of processing, so it didn’t really matter that it was expensive materials. At the same time though with these products, you can pick just about anything up, mix it up and make it work with this particular wardrobe. It’s not one dimensional, but a mix of lots of different things.

Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-14 Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-13 Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-12 Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-11 Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-10

KB: What kind of culture and music has an influence on you, both as a person and as a designer?

Asger: I don’t have one particular genre that is a code for my life. I like both Electronic music and Techno as well as I really like Hard Rock and Metal… They are two major bits of my life. Music plays a great part in my life and we listen to music all the time in the design studio. The music that we played today, we have been working on that for months with the two musicians Simon and Rasmus Littauer. I felt that it really worked in this setting! Sometimes when you sit in the studio and work on the sound, it’s different than what you experience in a live environment.

Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-9 Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-8 Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-7 Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-6 Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-5 Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-4

KB: What is the significance for you, being part of the Copenhagen Fashion Week?

Asger: It’s nice. I have been part of London’s fashion week four times, while I was living there, and now I have had shows here in Copenhagen for eight years. I feel that it’s really cool to be here. I think it’s really nice to do the shows while we’re here. We have shown the collection at Milan’s, Paris’ and New York’s Fashion Weeks before this show, but for me… I’m very satisfied and happy to be here and I have great feeling overall being part of this.

Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-2 Asger Juel Larsen_Backstage_Inez_Dawczyk-3

We would really like to thank Asger for his time, his warm and friendly presence, and not the least his amazing show. We know that Asger will keep on making great stuff in the future and we cannot wait to see what he will bring the next time around.

Interview: Erik Slot Malmqvist
Photography by Inez Dawczyk