ATELIER MICHALSKY S/S20 – Brothers & Sisters

#BerlinFashionWeek – For the first time in over ten years, Berlin designer Michael Michalsky presented the latest designs from his ATELIER MICHALSKY S/S20 Couture collection as part of the official Fashion Week calendar. The motto of the collection – “Brothers & Sisters” – was reflected in the interplay of the couture of the golden age with the influences of the 80s.

“All humans share one planet”

Key looks included a black lamb Nappa leather body in combination with a flared silicone skirt embroidered by hand with mint lace or a lamb Nappa blouson with matching apricot jodhpurs for men. The materials were generally played with a matt-gloss interaction, which created dynamic looks through exciting layering. In total, the 33 looks were dominated by the Key Colours Lilac and Apricot, which were played in contrast to a rich black.

The motto of my collection “BROTHERS & SISTERS” is a call for more community. Contrary to all patriotism, all self-love, all mirror-image, we should again think a little more of the WE than of the ME. Fashion serves as a form to express the whole as a statement.