KALTBLUT presents: Atelier ODOR – ISRAELISM Collection! Atelier ODOR was founded by Nikita Kalmykov right after graduation from the Moscow State University of Design and Technology (MSUDT) two years ago. Atelier ODOR has already taken part in several art and design projects and collection development for companies in Germany, UK and Russia. The designer decided to focus on capsule collections and very intimate and unique stories. This concept refers us to the name of the brand ‘ODOR’ which was inspired by individual skin smell of each man. New collection ISRAELISM is a menswear haute couture story, inspired by the Jewish aesthetics, hedonism and sexuality throughout centuries-old traditions. Art director is Tel Aviv based photographer Michael Liani, models are Guy Haviv and Carmel Lockshinsky.

Once walking through the Jewish ghetto in Krakow I distinctly felt all that hurt and suffering that walls of houses kept as if the War still does exist. The smell of old books, clothes,  lost boots and spectacle frames, chests with acquired goods full of Jewish families stories. It seemed to me like these people are still here. They are thirsty for life. They rejoice through suffering, laugh through tears under the onslaught of the destructive and terrible power of the war.

Later after visiting Israel for the first time, I saw Jewish people who gained freedom, unattainable beauty, endless sexuality, and, finally, the power of hedonistic perfection.

This collection is about emphasized sexuality and uniqueness, through the memory and pride. I use vintage fabrics and finings from flea markets from all over the world. Created sexy silhouettes and modern forms using couture sewing techniques. I was inspired by the most handsome people of Israel. Everything to save history, showing all edges of love and beauty

Photographer and Art Director is Michael Liani / / Instagram: @michaelliani_photography

Models are Guy Haviv / Instagram: @guyhaviv and Carmel Lockshinsky / Instagram: @carmelock

Assistance is Amit Farag / Instagram: @amit_farag

All clothes and style: Atelier ODOR by Nikita Kalmykov / / Instagram: @nikitinio


Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv

Wohl Rose Park, Jerusalem

Enternational YMCA, Jerusalem

Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem

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